5 wrestling rumors we hope are true and 5 we hope aren’t: 6-time Champion to return to WWE after a year, Legendary SmackDown star set to compete in “final WrestleMania” this year?

Welcome to this week’s edition of WWE/Wrestling rumors we hope are true, and those we hope aren’t. It’s the post-Fastlane edition, and WrestleMania is only three weeks away.

A lot has been happening in the world of WWE, and this week’s edition will feature rumors about WrestleMania plans, returning Superstars, names that are leaving the company, and various other backstage notes:

#5. Hope is true: WWE’s plans for Jimmy Uso’s returnJimmy Uso at Hell in a Cell 2020.
Jimmy Uso at Hell in a Cell 2020.
Jimmy Uso hasn’t competed in WWE since WrestleMania 36, where he was involved in an odd Triple Threat Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. During the physical and intense ladder match, Jimmy Uso suffered a legitimate knee injury.

It has been nearly a year now since then, especially considering that WrestleMania 36 was pre-taped around this time in 2020. He appeared on WWE TV a couple of times in the summer of 2020, getting involved in Jey Uso’s Universal Championship matches against Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions and Hell in a Cell.

He hasn’t had an actual WWE return, but that could change soon. According to Cageside Seats, Jimmy Uso is expected to return to WWE “any day now”:

“Paul Heyman mentioned Jimmy Uso returning to WWE recently and the word is he’s poised to come back to television any day now.”
We hope this is true because Roman Reigns’ faction will be complete with Jimmy Uso present. It would be an actual bloodline reunion – and a better run than the one they briefly had in 2016.

Ultimately, it all depends on how Roman Reigns will be handled at WrestleMania 37. Win or lose, he will be a top heel on SmackDown, and a faction will only help further his run. If WWE plans to make Roman Reigns a babyface, then re-aligning with Jimmy Uso wouldn’t make as much sense.#5. Hope isn’t true: Daniel Bryan to have his last WrestleMania for WWE this year?Daniel Bryan at Fastlane
Daniel Bryan at Fastlane
Daniel Bryan’s WWE career is winding down, and he has made no secret of it. Revealing that he would prefer to transition into a part-time Superstar, the multi-time World Champion doesn’t seem sure about how long he has left in the tank.

The three-year contract that he signed in 2018 expires this year, and there has been a lot of speculation about his future. While a jump to AEW seems uncertain, Dave Meltzer revealed on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Daniel Bryan is possibly considering WrestleMania 37 to be his last for WWE:

“Bryan said that this very well could be his last WrestleMania. Unless he’s letting his contract run out at the end of this year and leaving, I don’t see any way that’s possible. But he said if this is his last one, and he never actually said for sure it was, he’s giving it everything he’s got to be in the main event.”
As you can see, the speculation is that he won’t have his last WrestleMania, but that it’s a large possibility. We hope this isn’t true because Daniel Bryan can add value to WrestleMania – even as a part-time Superstar for WWE. He deserves a break from the schedule and has earned the right to transition into a part-timer for WWE.#4. Hope is true: WWE’s change in plans for the WrestleMania main eventDaniel Bryan and Edge.
Daniel Bryan and Edge.
On the topic of Daniel Bryan having his final WrestleMania for WWE, there’s something more. If it is to be his last WrestleMania, it might be on the biggest stage possible – in the main event.

Daniel Bryan faced Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at Fastlane 2021 and lost as expected. However, the finish was a controversial one where WWE legend Edge cost Daniel Bryan the match.

After the Fastlane main event, Bryan Alvarez reported on Twitter that the WrestleMania 37 main event will now become a Triple Threat match to include Daniel Bryan. Sportskeeda’s Shiven Sachdeva wrote:

Bryan Alvarez is reporting that the main event of WrestleMania 37 will now be a three-way. This means that Daniel Bryan will likely be added to the Universal Championship match between Edge and Roman Reigns in the coming weeks.
We hope this is true, especially because of the circumstances of Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract expiring. While we can’t be sure of the outcome, he deserves one last main event spot to cap off his career.#4. Hope isn’t true: Backstage heat responsible for Charly Caruso’s WWE departureCharly Caruso
Charly Caruso
Charly Caruso was one of WWE’s most important on-screen interviewers over the last few years of programming. Coming from a sports background, she grew in WWE and was considered a mainstay – and perhaps even Renee Young’s successor.

However, things haven’t played out as expected. Caruso, who also has a job with ESPN, isn’t expected to be with WWE for much longer. There were reports that Charly Caruso had backstage heat, particularly in two instances with Randy Orton and Sheamus.

After showing up late on numerous occasions, it appears as though WWE may let her contract expire and opt not to renew it. Dave Meltzer revealed on WOR that the early speculation was that she was fired, but that may not be the case. There is, however, a lot of reported backstage heat with her:

“I heard she was fired and then other people reported that she’s just not gonna be used and they are gonna wait for her contract to be out. I don’t know which one of those is accurate. She had too much heat with too many different people and that was the story. That’s why the new guy was brought in to replace her.”
We hope this isn’t true because Charly Caruso was one of the better interviewers that WWE had backstage. However, her job with ESPN may guarantee that she doesn’t need WWE going forward.#3. Hope is true: WWE’s change of heart with Andrade’s releaseAndrade is done with WWE.
Andrade is done with WWE.
In what has been unfortunate news, Andrade has been released from WWE. It is unfortunate, but only from one perspective. Andrade confirmed on Twitter that the rumors of him asking for a release from WWE were true.

It was reported that WWE first denied his release request, but soon after Fastlane 2021, it was confirmed by the company that the former NXT and United States Champion was released.Andrade got his wish, and Fightful went into more detail about WWE’s change of heart. Sportskeeda’s Abhilash Mendhe wrote:

According to Fightful, sources within WWE said that they were surprised to see the company granting Andrade his release. Sources further stated that they were told last week that the former NXT Champion was not expected to get his release immediately. Fightful’s sources added that WWE’s higher-ups had a change of heart over the past week or so. His contract has a 90-day non-compete clause attached to it and will expire on June 20, 2021.
We hope this is true because it’s good that Andrade got his wish. If he truly felt like he needed to take a chance outside of WWE, then the company did the right thing by eventually releasing him.#3. Hope isn’t true: Brock Lesnar’s WWE return status for WrestleMania 37Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar
There has been a lot of speculation about Brock Lesnar’s WWE status. It’s been nearly a year since he has been on WWE TV, and his contract with the company expired in the summer of 2020.There was a lot of speculation about Brock Lesnar potentially becoming Bobby Lashley’s WWE Title opponent at WrestleMania, but Drew McIntyre was named the number one contender instead.

Cageside Seats reported that Brock Lesnar is not expected to return to WWE for WrestleMania 37.

According to CSS, Brock Lesnar is not expected to return for WWE WrestleMania 37, even though the event will see the return of live fans. It has been nearly a year since The Beast Incarnate last appeared for WWE at WrestleMania 36 where he dropped the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre in the main event of Night Two of the pay-per-view.
We hope this isn’t true because Brock Lesnar is one of the few part-timers who gets welcomed back with open arms. He has had a pivotal role at WrestleMania nearly every year since his 2012 return, and this will mark the first WrestleMania that Brock Lesnar will miss in over eight years.#2. Hope is true: Andrade returning to old ways post-WWE?Andrade and Charlotte Flair.
Andrade and Charlotte Flair.
Andrade is now done with WWE, and given his age and level of talent, there will likely be a bidding war between some of the world’s biggest wrestling promotions. The big question has been what name he will take and whether he will return back to his old masked look.

Andrade wrestled as “La Sombra” throughout his career in CMLL and never unmasked until he lost a match with a stipulation stating that he needed to do so. It was a move made before he jumped ship to WWE.

According to Dave Meltzer of WON, Andrade could be returning to his La Sombra persona – which also means that he could wear his old mask again.

He has trademarked the name La Sombra for the U.S. so it does seem like his goal is to use that name. He can’t work without a mask in CMLL since he lost his mask before he went to WWE, actually because he went to WWE. But Rey Mysterio lost his mask and spent years wrestling without a mask, and then went to WWE and put the mask back on and it was the greatest thing for his career and that could work the same for Andrade.”
We hope this is true because it would be good for Andrade to go back to his roots and try to reshape his career again outside of WWE.#2. Hope isn’t true: Batista’s Hall of Fame induction delayed?Batista was supposed to be in the Hall of Fame class of 2020.
Batista was supposed to be in the Hall of Fame class of 2020.
The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Batista, who retired at WrestleMania 35 in 2019, was set to be the deserving headliner of that class.

It was assumed that the 2020 Hall of Fame class would simply be shifted to 2021. And while that may have been the original plan, crowds are only returning at a limited capacity.

Sean Ross Sapp reported on Fightful Select that Batista’s Hall of Fame induction has been delayed until it can be done in front of a full crowd. Sportskeeda’s Matt Black wrote:

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, WWE sources have told him the plan is to induct Batista into the Hall of Fame “when a full crowd can enjoy it.” While this certainly makes sense, it’s a bit of a bummer that the WWE Universe will have to wait for the Animal’s induction speech.
We hope this isn’t true, but we understand the logic behind it. This year’s Hall of Fame class is expected to be inducted in a virtual pre-taped ceremony.#1. Hope is true: Two big WWE legends won’t be at WrestleMania 37Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon
WrestleMania is an event that has heavily relied on WWE part-timers and legends this past decade. 2021 marks the first year since 2014 that a part-time legend hasn’t been a World Champion heading into the biggest show of the year.

Dave Meltzer stated on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Brock Lesnar and two other WWE legends won’t be at WrestleMania:

“No Goldberg, no Undertaker, no Lesnar. So, you’ve taken some of the biggest attractions off and Edge does not replace them.”
While Brock Lesnar would be a good addition, we hope that the rumors of the other two not appearing at WrestleMania are true. As great as they have been, the era of part-timers dominating WrestleMania should have concluded by now.

The Undertaker had his retirement match at WrestleMania 36 and said his farewell over half a year later at Survivor Series 2021. Goldberg competed for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble but lost to Drew McIntyre.

With only three weeks left until WrestleMania, the card is better off without both WWE legends.#1. Hope isn’t true: WWE legend Triple H is under quarantineTriple H won
Triple H won’t be competing at WrestleMania 37.
Another WWE legend who won’t be expected to compete at WrestleMania 37 is Triple H. It has less to do with health or age and more to do with him being fully immersed in his backstage and office role in WWE.

There was reportedly a COVID-19 outbreak in NXT, with concerns that Triple H may have been involved with people who tested positive. As per Dave Meltzer on WON, Triple H has been under quarantine, but his situation is being kept secretive by WWE:

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter now reports that Triple H is under quarantine. As per the report, his situation is being kept secretive and while he is under quarantine, it does not actually mean that he has tested positive for COVID-19.
We hope this isn’t true, but in all likeliness, it could be. There were rumors of earlier outbreaks of COVID-19 in NXT and a lot of polarizing views backstage about the pandemic and its seriousness.

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