Former WWE writer explains why The Miz vs. Bad Bunny is a strange idea [Exclusive]

The latest episode of SK Wrestling’s Legion of RAW saw host Dr. Chris Featherstone and Vince Russo discuss the angle between The Miz and Bad Bunny. Russo wasn’t a fan of having a veteran like The Miz facing Bad Bunny, and he explained why he felt this way about the match-up.

The Miz and John Morrison hosted an episode of Miz TV on last night’s WWE RAW. The A-Lister ended up calling out Bad Bunny and challenging him to a match at WrestleMania.

The former WWE Champion then faced Jeff Hardy in a singles match on RAW. Before the match, Jeff Hardy called out Miz, saying that he couldn’t win the match without interference from John Morrison. Miz then told Morrison to make his way to the back.

In the ensuing match, The Miz ended up beating Jeff Hardy clean with a Skull Crushing Finale.

On the latest edition of Legion of RAW, former WWE writer Vince Russo gave his take on this match. Russo personally wasn’t a fan of a veteran like The Miz facing Bad Bunny, comparing it to star MLB pitcher Jacob deGrom pitching in the little league.

“This is the guy that has been with the company for 17 years in a one-on-one match at WrestleMania against Bad Bunny. An 17 year veteran. Bro, this is the equivalent of Jacob deGrom pitching against a little leaguer. Again, like I said, what’s slapping me across the face here is Miz s a 17 year veteran. Ok, really?”


The Miz and Bad Bunny clashed on WWE RAW


Following The Miz’s win over Jeff Hardy on RAW, the former WWE Champion was talking trash into the camera. At this point, Bad Bunny surprised The A-Lister from behind, smashing him with a guitar shot across the back and leaving him in a heap.

As Bad Bunny made his way up the ramp, he took the mic and accepted The Miz’s challenge for a match at WrestleMania.

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