WWE Rumor Roundup: 41-year old superstar announces retirement, Edge frustrated, another big name could be joining AEW, Cesaro insulted – 5th April 2021

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, where we bring the biggest and most interesting stories from the world of WWE to you.

In today’s edition, we will take a look at why WWE legend Edge got frustrated in WWE, backstage differences between Vince McMahon and Tony Khan, and much more.

With The Big Show and Christian joining AEW in the past few months, many more WWE icons have shown interest in joining AEW. It is possible that a former WWE Champion may also be seen in AEW soon.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the biggest rumors and stories of today:

#5 WWE Superstar Edge was frustrated after his match with John Cena

Edge spoke about his WWE Championship match with John Cena at the 2006 Royal Rumble on an episode of WWE Untold. The Rater R Superstar stated that he was furious after he lost the WWE Championship to Cena at the PPV.

Though Edge believed he had worked hard and deserved a long reign with the WWE Championship, he lost the title just weeks after winning it via an MITB cash-in.

Edge also spoke about his hardcore match against Mick Foley at WrestleMania 22 which took place soon after he lost the WWE Championship to John Cena:


“That [losing to John Cena] made me mad because I felt like I was doing everything I could on my end and I was very motivated, and then in talking to Mick Foley I realized that he was just as motivated to get that moment and to help me, to help me solidify myself as a main-event player here, to help me change the perception in the fans’ eyes.”

Edge later went on to become a multi-time World Champion in WWE. He will be looking to add another title to his resume at WrestleMania 37 when he takes on Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship.#4 Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick retires

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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick has seemingly retired from in-ring competition. In a recent clip uploaded by the WWE Performance Center to Youtube, it was shown that Kendrick has retired from in-ring action and now works as a producer on 205 Live.

Brian Kendrick shot to fame in WWE when he was paired with Paul London. The two became a key element of SmackDown’s tag team division in the mid 2000s. Kendrick was released by WWE in 2009 but continued to make a name for himself around the globe.

Kendrick returned to WWE in 2016 as part of the freshly formed cruiserweight division. The veteran Superstar became a pivotal part of 205 Live, even holding the cruiserweight title at one point.

In a 2016 interview with Talk Sport, Kendrick mentioned how he took being a part of WWE for granted before he got released by the company:

“I would say I’ve always loved wrestling intensely since I was eight years old – when I was consistency watching video tapes and recording what was on TV. But I started on TV at a really early age, which was great as I got to learn from a lot of legends, but I had to go away for a while because I took it for granted and it made me appreciate what I’d lost.”

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Brian Kendrick was a stellar performer and it is sad that he never got a true shot at shining on the main roster in his second run with WWE.#3 Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam heading to AEW?

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Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2021. However, there is no word on if The Whole Freakin’ Show will be returning as a superstar to WWE.

RVD recently spoke to Reel Talker. Upon being asked if he would be interested in joining AEW, Van Dam said that he would be open for business. He praised AEW but also said that there is no personal desire for him to continue wrestling. If he gets a good offer from AEW or anywhere else, he would be willing to do business:

“I just always go with the flow of the universe. I’m always very happy with the way things turn out. AEW, I watch it sometimes, mostly to help Katie Forbes out. She’ll watch it, she’s up-and-coming, learning and I’ll point stuff out. There is nothing that interests me about going there, except for business.”

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The former ECW Champion also made it clear that he has no fantasies about facing certain superstars anymore. While there is a chance that he will return to in-ring action, there is also a possibility that he may be completely done with in-ring competition too.#2 Former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona reveals the difference between Vince McMahon and Tony Khan

Former WWE Superstar Zack Ryder, now known as Matt Cardona, recently sat down with Inside The Ropes. The former Intercontinental Champion talked about the difference between WWE head Vince McMahon and AEW head Tony Khan.

Although Cardona is currently a member of the Impact Wrestling roster, he did have a brief run with AEW after being released by WWE. Cardona stated that the backstage atmosphere in WWE and AEW is completely different.

“Totally different vibe. Everyone was super cool, super relaxed. Tony Khan — super approachable. Not that Vince isn’t, but Vince, you know, sometimes you’re waiting outside Vince’s office all day, and sometimes you might not get to talk to him. As opposed to Tony, who you can go like ‘Hey Tony!’ or you text him. But is the atmosphere different? Yeah, 100 percent.”

Cardona explained that the key reason for the difference in the backstage environments of WWE and AEW is the sheer size of WWE. He also said that while AEW lets things happen, WWE believes in micromanaging everything.#1 WWE Superstar Seth Rollins insults Cesaro

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Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have had a long history in WWE. The two men started out their careers in WWE together as part of The Shield along with Dean Ambrose. They have gone on to have many matches and feuds with each other over the years.

Speaking on Talking Smack, Seth Rollins had some unkind words for his WrestleMania 37 opponent Cesaro. The Messiah also had a lot of praise for his former friend turned enemy Roman Reigns:

”There are levels and there is a reason that Cesaro has never had the spotlight at WrestleMania. A reason! Do you know what that reason is? Do you understand what that reason is? That reason is because he is not as good as me. There are people who are on my level. Roman Reigns is on my level. There are people who understand it. ”

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Trying to earn brownie points with Heyman, Rollins said that Heyman has always been around greatness and that he is one of the few people who understand greatness.


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