Pat McAfee is joining the SmackDown announce team, a move that made mainstream headlines. McAfee has a lot of experience under his belt, but he’s still concerned about messing up on live television. This fear doubles at the thought of having Vince McMahon bark orders into his ear.

During the Pat McAfee Show, the new SmackDown commentator had Michael Cole on the show as his guest. He asked his new broadcast colleague “what do I do when I f*ck up?” Michael Cole has been there before and he provided some sagely advice.

“First off, you’re not going to mess up; because I’m gonna help you. I’m going to carry you. Secondly, if you do mess up, I’ll be heading to a very early retirement.”

“Seriously though, in all seriousness, you’re gonna kill it. You have the passion. You have intensity and you have emotion. We saw that during your time in NXT. From your early days of doing the TakeOver panels to actually cutting promos and getting in the ring. Having some Hellacious matches. I think you now understand the commitment of what Superstars go through to get here. You also can talk, you can cut a promo, and you’ve done some commentary in the past. I think when we add all those things together just you as a person, knowing how excited you are for this. I think this is a recipe for success. I just don’t know how it can go wrong.”

Michael Cole has a lot of faith in Pat McAfee. Adding him to the mix on Friday Night SmackDown will certainly create a new dynamic for the two-man announce team on Fox.

We have not heard any specifics regarding how long Pat McAfee’s contract is for, but he will join SmackDown’s commentary team tonight. We will have full coverage here at Ringside News.

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