Davey Boy Smith Jr. Close To Signing With WWE?

At the induction ceremony for the 2020 Hall of Fame, The British Bulldog was honored by his family as he took his rightful place among his fellow legends. There to honor his father was Davey Boy Smith Jr, who has been carrying on his legacy in the ring. At one point, Smith Jr. was in WWE as one half of a tag team with Tyson Kidd, before being released in 2011. Now, as he’s grown as a wrestler during stints in Japan with companies like Pro Wrestling NOAH & New Japan Pro Wrestling? It might be time for him to return.

Close To Signing A New Deal With WWE
Ever since Smith Jr. finished up with Major League Wrestling, he’s been a free agent. While some hoped he’d join up with Lance Archer in All Elite Wrestling to reform Killer Elite Squad, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Smith Jr. was on hand for the Hall of Fame ceremony, and would show up at Wrestlemania 37 in place of his father.

That time with WWE could have been enough to put a stake in his status as a free agent, especially stepping out to see the crowd that Wrestlemania 37 contained. Reports from Dave Meltzer point in this direction, stating “there are serious discussions in that direction”. WWE loves carrying on the legacy of their legends as well, and now that Smith Jr. is properly ready, it could be time for him to become The British Bulldog II.

An Instant Challenger For WALTER In NXT UK
An easy way to re-establish Smith Jr. in WWE would be to have him show up in NXT UK for at least one set of tapings. He’d be a solid fit for the hard hitting roster, and it would allow him to flaunt his families heritage as a set up for a title match. The history of his name, his physique, and resume outside of WWE would make him a credible challenger for someone like WALTER.

Even if WALTER beat Smith Jr., you’d have him coming out looking like a star, as WALTER doesn’t have bad matches when the belt is on the line. It would be a quick way to build up Smith Jr. as someone worthy of his family’s legacy, before sending him to RAW or Smackdown where his powerhouse style would fit right in.

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