WWE Raw Results (4/19) – Drew McIntyre’s 2-On1 Handicap Match Record Moves To 5-0 After He Defeated Mace And T-Bar By Disqualification

WWE Raw Results returned as Drew McIntyre started it off by attacking T-Bar as soon as the bell rang and hammered away on him.

He drove T-Bar into a turnbuckle and chopped away, then hit a right hand.

T-Bar fought back with a series of right and threw McIntyre into the ropes but ate a kick.

McIntyre went for a suplex but T-Bar blocked it and went for his own.

McIntyre hit several rights to his midsection, then hit a suplex for a pin attempt.

McIntyre stomped him and hit a head butt before T-Bar hit a knee and tagged in Mace.

Never give up

Mace nailed McIntyre with a series of shots and a knee before McIntyre chopped his way out of the corner.

Mace slid by McIntyre and hit an elbow for a pin attempt while MVP watched from backstage.

T-Bar tagged in and they hit a pair of kicks and a double suplex for a near pinfall.

T-Bar stomped McIntyre, and Mace came in and hit a big boot, then an uppercut.

T-Bar came in and they hit a double knee and T-Bar locked in a rear chin lock.

McIntyre fought to his feet, but ate a knee and elbow, but they had no effect as he kept hammering on T-Bar before T-Bar pulled him back and slammed him to the mat.

Mace hit a reverse suplex for a pin attempt. He then hit a right and tagged in T-Bar.

McIntyre hammered on Mace, and T-Bar went after him and beat him down, then choked him out with his boot.

McIntyre’s handicap record moves to 5-0
McIntyre fought from his knees to his feet and hit a series of rights, then a spine buster and jackknife cover for a pin attempt.

T-Bar caught him with a big boot, and McIntyre caught him with a Glasgow Kiss as T-Bar came off the off the top rope.

McIntyre readied for a Claymore but avoided a clothesline by Mace and he knocked Mace off the apron.

T-Bar drove him into the corner and held him for Mace to come over and beat McIntyre down, causing the ref to call the match a DQ.

Braun Strowman came out and T-Bar and Mace ducked out of the ring. WWE Raw Results are willing to be we’re going to get a tag team match now.

At least it’s been a couple of months since this was used in every show

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