Desmond Troy Previews Potential Top Faction For WWE NXT Evolve On Instagram

For months now, fans have been waiting for the premiere of NXT: Evolve. There was content reportiedly taped for the new brand of NXT back in February, with logos and titles made as well. However, the switch over to Peacock for WWE Network in the United States might have delayed it’s launch, but we got a sneak peek through the social media account of Desmond Troy of NXT.

The NCAA All-American Wrestler has had some big matches in WWE, facing former WWE Champions like Jinder Mahal & Seth Rollins, and last being seen on the bad end of a match with current NXT Champion Karrion Kross. He’s the perfect example of why NXT: Evolve will be needed, as he’s got all the skills to be a standout talent in WWE, but is lost with their overloaded roster. In NXT: Evolve, he might be in the ranks of a deadly faction however.

Desmond Troy Looking Strong Alongside Cal Bloom, Daniel Vidot, EJ Nduka, and Odyssey Jones In Social Media Shot
In a post to both his Instagram & Twitter accounts, Troy showed a dark corner of the WWE Performance Center. Alongside fellow NXT signees who have been waiting to break out in Cal Bloom, Daniel Vidot, EJ Nduka, and Odyssey Jones, he was standing tall with an unidentified opponent wounded on the outside.

Looking into the comments and some reposts of the pictures, the faction seems to be called The Trust, with EJ Nduka adding “It’s only a matter of time.” while Daniel Vidot made sure that everyone knows that “We got this covered.”

This is a strong group of talent, and while this faction could work on NXT, it would be better off getting it’s start as a potential top group in NXT: Evolve before taking that plunge to TV. Alongside Roderick Strong ‘quitting’ NXT and potentially being set up to be a top star in NXT: Evolve, this faction signals the coming of this new show, which just needs a release date.

Are you excited for NXT: Evolve to finally air? Could The Trust be a major faction of the future? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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