WWE News: Randy Orton Responds After Losing To Riddle On Raw

Last night’s episode of Raw was a fairly uneventful one, with not many huge storylines taking place throughout the show. Raw was brought to a close with Charlotte Flair going off the rails after being beaten by Asuka. Drew McIntyre was also attacked for the second week running by two members of Retribution, but one of the biggest shocks of the night came in a singles match between Randy Orton and Riddle.

The former WWE Champion was beaten by the former US Champion, and there was praise for the former MMA star on social media after the show from Orton.

WWE News: Orton Responds After Losing To Riddle
It was certainly a shock defeat for Orton at the hands of Riddle, which has given a massive rub for the former US Champion, who lost his title at WrestleMania after defeat against Sheamus. Riddle was then beaten by Bobby Lashley pretty easily on Raw last week, after the WWE Champion beat down the former champion before he even got inside the ropes.

Orton was quick to acknowledge the talent of Riddle after the match, and took to social media to Tweet his thoughts. He said: He’s a p***k and needs a good a** whoopin…. but also impressed me tonight. F**k. He beat me. Ok ‘bro’ let’s do this….. Also happy #420AllDay.”

WWE News: Could Orton And Riddle Bet Set For PPV Showdown
That wasn’t the only Tweet that Orton sent out after Raw had finished last night, as he also looked to tease a potential tag match with Riddle. He simply tweeted: “RKOBRO?”. That was a quote taken from a question that Riddle asked Orton earlier in the show about potentially joining forces. It would make sense, as Orton has elevated a number of stars throughout their careers by joining forces with them.

However, it would need a massive character transformation for the tag team to work in unison, as Orton is a heel and Riddle is a face. However, it could see Orton embark on a more light-hearted run, that could ultimately end with a match between the superstars later in the year. It would be interesting to see a tag match between the pair, but the more likely scenario would be to see the two superstars square off at the Backlash PPV.

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