WWE Raw Results (4/19) – Lana And Naomi Defeated Shayna Baszler By Pinfall After Nia Jax Walks Out; Maryse Volunteers The Miz Face Damian Priest On Miz TV

WWE Raw Results thinks this should be an interesting match as it’s only a matter of time before they have Jax do something for a cheap laugh.

Naomi ducked Jax’s clothesline to start things off and then hit a kick before ducking under Jax in the corner.

Naomi hit a step up kick, and Lana tagged in.

Jax threw them into the ropes and went for a sidewalk slam, but Lana turned it into an around the world before attempting a failed Russian leg sweep.

Naomi tagged in as Lana hit a chop block and Naomi followed it with a clothesline.


Lana came in and hit a kick and Naomi hit a leg drop for a pin attempt.

Lana tagged back in and they hit a double kick and when for a double suplex, but Jax blocked it and hit them with a double suplex. Or is that a single on a double?

Baszler tagged in and nailed Lana with a knee and went for a pin attempt.

Baszler worked on Lana’s left arm, but Lana rolled her up for a near pinfall.

Baszler knocked Naomi off the apron, the twisted Lana’s arm and stomped on it.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came out and Rose called Jax’s attention to the titantron when Jax laughed at Rose slipping on the ramp and Rose slapping her.

Brooke then called up another clip where they both drove Jax into a support beam, and then when Jax slipped off the apron last week.

Instead of tagging in, Jax left the ring and headed after Rose and Brooke.

Lana tagged out and they hit a double face buster on Baszler for the win.

Gee, so glad everything in the ring could pause for movie time. This was just bad. Good effort, but the interference was just dumb.


Miz TV – Maryse’s surprise
The Miz and Maryse came out to make things awesome-ish.

The Miz welcomed up to a new episode of Miz TV and John Morrison is oddly missing.

He showed off his wife before saying last week couldn’t have gone any better after being in a great match and making Bad Bunny a star.

He added how he and John Morrison defeated Damian Priest, then the great season debut of Miz and Mrs.

Maryse praised him for being awesome and then a mutual love fest commenced.

The Miz called for a special celebration and called tonight their night. He then called for a kiss and fireworks went off.

He promised this week will be even better as he ran off the shows he’s going to be on this week and called for a toast, but Damian Priest came out instead.

Priest said he speaks for everyone for saying the Miz is as delusional and Jake Paul is a fighter.

He then called up a replay of how the Miz stole his win last week.

Priest then asked what type of man brags about a win like that, and that everyone saw he has no cajones.

Maryse stepped in and ran off some French, and she then volunteered Miz for a match and Priest thanked her. He added a congratulations and drank the glass of champagne and called it trash.

Maryse threw her champagne in his eyes and they left the ring.

Backstage, the New Day were startled by Riddle and Kingston congratulated him on his win.

Riddle thanked him and asked what’s in the large case Woods was carrying.

Riddle mentioned they could put pancakes or silver dollars in it, and they all jumped on the silver dollar pancakes idea.

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