WWE Raw Results (4/19) – The Viking Raiders (Erik And Ivar) Defeated Cedric Alexander And Shelton Benjamin By Pinfall With The Viking Express

WWE Raw Results returned as Benjamin and Erik started it off and Benjamin went after Erik’s leg and backed him into the corner.

Erik and Benjamin exchanged rights as they moved out of the corner until Benjamin sidestepped a running knee and locked in a rear waist lock and took Erik down.

Alexander tagged himself in and hit a dropkick on Erik and went for a pin attempt.

Alexander nailed Erik with a right and worked over his midsection and a kick before choking him out on the ropes.

Benjamin came in and hit a clothesline and then hit a knee lift and threw Erik in the corner and Alexander came in and hammered away with some rights and an elbow.

Erik hit a right to rock Alexander and tag in Ivar.

Ivar hit a spinning slam, and Benjamin dropped off the apron when he swiped at him. Ivar turned back to Alexander but missed a crossbody splash when Alexander rolled out of the way.


A Viking Express
Alexander hit a kick and dropkick, and Benjamin hit a knee for a pin attempt after tagging in.

Benjamin hammered on Ivar in the corner and hit a knee when Ivar fought back.

Alexander came in and he beat on Ivar.

Benjamin came in and hit with a couple of forearms, and Ivar fought back and knocked Alexander off the ring apron, then hit a Sitton on Benjamin to get some breathing room.

Benjamin grabbed Ivar’s leg to keep him from tagging out and slapped on an ankle lock, but Ivar kicked him toward Erik.

Benjamin halted and turned back and Ivar rolled under his clothesline attempt to tag in Erik.

Erik hit a kick and some rights before Benjamin reversed a whip into a suplex for a pin attempt.

Alexander came in and hit a flying forearm off the ropes and a tornado DDT for a pin attempt Ivar saved.

Benjamin threw Ivar to the floor, and Ivar threw him into the barricade and hit a flying crossbody again the barricade.

Alexander spring boarded off the ropes, but Erik caught him one armed slam, tagged in Ivar, and they hit the Viking Express for the win.

WWE Raw Results are glad to see the Viking Raiders back in the ring and winning, but does this mean Benjamin and Alexander are the new jobbers?

It just feels wrong that they can’t seem to put out a win no matter what now.

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