BTE – The Return Of The BTE Mail Bag

The BTE Mail Bag was a great little segment in BTE. With questions from the fans given to members of the AEW roster to answer. It was a surprise when it disappeared a while ago, but it has now made its return in a segment with the new Best Friends faction with the return of Trent and Kris Statlander joining the faction.

It does seem like the new BTE Mail Bag will be here to stay and will hopefully go to new levels in the future as it was one of the most underused segments of BTE.

What got asked?
A lot of different questions were asked, most of which were pretty pointless and were for comedic value. One of them being; what Mario Kart power would you want to use in real life? There was one that stood out here, though. One question asked why he wasn’t Trent on BTE when he was out injured.

Trent answered that he was at AEW when everything was being tapped going through rehab. But wanted to make a surprise return in the future and decided to stay off both BTE and AEW. Big returns are a significant part of wrestling that makes a lot of sense.

Who should be next on BTE Mail Bag?
There are a large number of AEW wrestlers that would be great in the BTE segment. Most likely, won’t see some of the heels on the segment, sadly.

But Inner Circle and Pinnacle could make some great BTE Mail Bag segments. However, it could be used to put over new talent like Ethan Page, other members of the Dark roster and could be used to put over talent we don’t see on the weekly Wednesday show in the near future.

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