Is Wesley Blake Set To Be A Breakout Star Following WWE Release?

When WWE released 10 names this past Thursday, most people were focused on names like Samoa Joe or The Iconics. However, they potentially aren’t the most exciting one of the bunch, if backstage reputation is any indication? That’d be Wesley Blake. Every batch of releases has the obvious stars, but also someone who truly proves themselves better than WWE showed, and this time that could be Blake.

Dax Harwood Hypes Up Wesley Blake As Their Generations Bobby Eaton
Despite years of treading water in WWE, with his notable matches coming in tag team runs with Buddy Murphy or Steve Cutler, it wasn’t hard to see there was more under the surface. Blake Murphy never had bad matches from a technical standpoint. When he was in the ring, the quality of his work was always at a high level. Matches like the four way ladder match at Takeover XXV, the Forgotten Sons vs. Viking Raiders on NXT TV, or their last match as a team at Money In The Bank 2020 showed just how good he can be.

This quality of work was especially noticed by those he shared the ring with, notably Dax Harwood aka Scott Dawson of The Revival. Having worked many matches with him down in NXT, he was able to say the following with true meaning. “I wish you all knew just HOW good he actually is. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll bet my colleagues agree, he’s the modern day Bobby Eaton.”

Where Could We See Him After His 90 Days Are Up?
Like everyone else released, it will be 90 days before we see Wesley Blake show up anywhere. Considering his in-ring proficiency and praise from Harwood, AEW will likely at least give him a chance on a show like Dark or Dark Elevation. If he really wants to prove his skills, a run in NJPW could help to boost his stock and also add some much needed variety to a rather stale roster.

If a promotion gave Blake the chance to show his skills, public opinion will likely change around pretty quickly. Do you see Wesley Blake as a potential standout star following his WWE release, or will he get lost in the shuffle again? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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