WWE Raw Results (4/19) – Drew McIntyre Wants Answers, Gets Attacked Again

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Tonight looks like it’ll be an interesting one as Drew McIntyre looks for answers and Asuka and Charlotte Flair continue building their rivalry.

Let’s get to the action!

Drew McIntyre started the show off by coming out to the ring.

He opened by saying an opportunity is a strange thing as you can work hard or it can fall into your lap.

He mentioned how he and MVP had a back and forth last week and they triggered a couple of superstars in the back and he mocked Braun Strowman before saying Randy Orton slithered out.

Then McIntyre beat both of them in the triple threat match for the number one contender at backlash, and he mentioned T-Bar and Mace attacked him but they’re not the brains behind the attack.

He called out MVP for planning it, and he promised he’ll get a little Retribution when he gets his hands on them.


As McIntyre said he was ready for a fight, MVP came out.

MVP pointed out that McIntyre didn’t expect him to come out to address his accusations and that’s a trend like he didn’t expect Lashley to defeat him at WrestleMania or for T-Bar and Mace to attack him.

MVP then extended a congratulations on the behalf of Bobby Lashley for his win and he’ll be a worth adversary for Lashley to beat by putting him to sleep again.

McIntyre challenged him about being behind the attack last week, and MVP said Lashley runs things and he recently decided to downsize the corporation.

He then pointed out why would they recruit them when he already beat McIntyre.

McIntyre cited him sending the locker room after him before WrestleMania, and MVP said Mace and T-Bar have zero affiliation with the Hurt Business.

He pointed out that McIntyre challenged everyone a couple of weeks back and the chickens have come home to roost.

McIntyre said maybe it was a coincidence when Mace and T-Bar attacked him from behind and dragged him into the ring for another double chokeslam. They then walked by MVP as he stood on the ramp.

Backstage, Mace and T-Bar were asked about their affiliation to Lashley and they answered in a coded exchange before T-Bar said they’ll finish off Drew McIntyre.

Looks like we’re going to have a match with these three later on.

McIntyre wants payback
McIntyre went up to Adam Pearce and demanded a match with Mace and T-Bar and Pearce told him he can’t take them on by himself.

McIntyre said he can and he’ll get a baseball bat so Pearce needs to make the match happen.

Pearce continued saying he needs a tag partner, so WWE Raw Results guess we’ll have a tag match at some point.

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