5 Ways John Cena Got Worse Over His Career (& 5 Ways He Got Better)

John Cena was WWE’s poster boy during the PG Era. After years of living on the top of the mountain, Cena handed the reins of the company to Roman Reigns. While a lot of fans don’t like Cena and think he’s overrated, children on the other hand still consider him as their idol.

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Cena worked as a full-time wrestler for many years in WWE and fans saw many versions of him in the company. He changed a lot in those years, sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better. Over time, Cena has evolved for better or worse.

10Got Worse: Changed His Priority


John Cena has successfully made a transition to Hollywood. Due to his acting projects, Cena doesn’t wrestle frequently in WWE. While he usually returns for WrestleMania every year, Cena missed this year’s Mania due to his schedule.

While a lot of fans do miss Cena, it’s clear that he’s changed his priorities. There was a time when Cena didn’t want to miss WWE shows, but nowadays, he cares more about his acting roles than wrestling.

9Got Better: Cares About Younger Talents

john cens vs bray wyatt

John Cena has faced several accusations of burying talents in WWE. Alex Riley’s push, for instance, was stopped because of Cena’s dislike for him. Another instance was The Nexus at SummerSlam 2010. The heel faction was supposed to go over Team Cena, but John used his powers to change the outcome. Though Cena later regretted making this decision.

Nowadays, whenever he returns to WWE, the 16-time World Champion tries to put over as many stars as he can.

8Got Worse: His In-Ring Work

john cena vs cm punk

While John Cena is certainly one of the greatest wrestlers in history, he wasn’t really known for his wrestling. Cena had the charisma and personality to become a top babyface but most of his matches were boring.

Although he did have some good ones such as his classic against CM Punk at Money in the Bank and more, he hasn’t improved his in-ring skills since. Cena doesn’t even wrestle in longer matches these days and it’s clear that his matches are now only meant to cater to nostalgia rather than showcase quality wrestling.

7Got Better: His Character

john cena character

Before Cena’s rise to superstardom, WWE actually considered firing him because his character wasn’t working. Everything changed when one day Stephanie McMahon heard Cena rap on a WWE tour bus and asked him to incorporate this in his gimmick.

The Doctor of Thuganomics was a success and helped Cena get over with the fans. Later, Cena became the face of the company in an entirely different gimmick and it shows how good he is at making things work.

6Got Worse: No Heel Turn

john cena

Almost every fan demanded John Cena’s heel turn at one point. It was long overdue and it seems like fans will never get to see him turn heel again.

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There were rumors for Cena to turn heel in 2012 but WWE derailed those plans as Vince McMahon never reached that conclusion. It’s gotten to a point now that even if John turns heel after one of his returns, it wouldn’t be so great.

5Got Better: Nostalgic Returns

john cena return

It doesn’t matter if a fan likes John Cena or not, but when he retires from wrestling forever, pretty much everyone will miss him. Cena gets a ton of hate for almost no reason, but it’s true that he was the most influential Superstar of the PG Era that helped WWE become a billion-dollar company.

He rarely returns nowadays, and whenever he does, fans get emotional as nobody knows how long will Cena be able to wrestle. While he’s still younger than other legends in WWE, his Hollywood career will definitely become a roadblock for his wrestling future one day.

4Got Worse: Super Cena


Because John Cena was the face of WWE for many years, he was overexposed to the fans. Super Cena, as fans put it, was the worst thing that happened in the PG Era because he rarely ever lost.

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At Extreme Rules 2012, for instance, Lesnar absolutely annihilated Cena but even then, he went on to win the match. And it wasn’t the only time that this happened in WWE.

3Got Better: From A Rapper To An Inspiration To Millions Of People

john cena inspiration

John Cena’s rise to superstardom also made him the idol of millions of children all over the world. Cena’s love for the kids has also seen him grant hundreds of wishes via the Make A Wish Foundation.

Back when he was a heel, nobody saw him as his idol. But since changing his character, he’s become an inspiration for others. His Twitter, for instance, is also a source of infinite positivity for everyone.

2Got Worse: His Moves

john cena five knucle shuffle

Because John Cena was the biggest star in wrestling for many years, his moves became a key part of his gimmick. That probably limited him to only use a handful of moves in every match that he was a part of.

This has been an issue for many years now. Everyone is familiar with Cena’s five moves of doom, and while he has now added a sixth move too, this makes his matches pretty predictable at times.

1Got Better: Character Moments

doctor of thuganomics

John Cena has had many special moments in WWE in the past some time. From sitting with the audience at WrestleMania 34 and getting to face The Undertaker to returning as The Doctor of Thuganomics, it’s safe to say that these moments were very special for wrestling fans.

Before Cena became a part-timer in WWE, it wasn’t surprising of him to always be a part of huge spots. Now, everyone John returns to WWE, he makes sure that the fans will love his return. These character moments always make his appearances more special and that’s one thing he’s become very good at.

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