10 Differences Between Samoa Joe In TNA & WWE

The progression of Samoa Joe would see many changes coming from his rise in TNA to his recent stint in WWE. Joe was a tremendous in-ring performer who helped TNA find success and an identity. WWE signed him as a free agent when NXT started to expand and Triple H wanted bigger names on the third brand.

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Joe ended spending quite a few years in WWE with a couple of roles showing his variety. The performer in Joe had to make changes in each promotion based on what was required to succeed. Find out just what caused such differing memories in each company. The following differences for Joe show what was needed from The Samoan Submission Machine in WWE and TNA respectively.

10Dominant Streak In TNA

Samoa Joe vs Frankie Kazarian

The level of dominance for Samoa Joe in TNA saw him going on an undefeated streak to start his run. Joe was unlike anyone else in wrestling with his size and agility making him a compelling in-ring worker and character.

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TNA booked Joe as an unbeatable force for over a year until he finally lost to Kurt Angle. WWE tried to make Joe look strong, but it never was the same intent. Other wrestlers like Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman were booked to have that vibe more than Joe in WWE.

9Commentator In WWE

Samoa Joe

A huge shift for Samoa Joe in WWE showed a new side of him for the final year of his time there. Joe suffered an injury and was forced to transition into a commentary role. Raw needed a third color commentator which gave Joe something to do.

TNA never viewed Joe as having the broadcasting skill set since they often limited his promos. Joe thrived as a commentator and did a great job at a new position until WWE recently released him after WrestleMania 37.

8Multiple Factions In TNA

Main Event Mafia

Factions are always a big part of wrestling regardless of which promotion they exist in. TNA had a few noteworthy stables that included Joe in the picture. The Frontline stable of faces was led by both Joe and AJ Styles.

Joe later turned heel to join the Main Event Mafia and had another short stint in MVP’s Beat Down Clan faction. WWE never placed Joe into a stable since his character was always portrayed as a loner who trusted few.

7Merchandise Success For WWE

Samoa Joe

The outreach of WWE is far bigger than TNA ever achieved during their ups and downs. Samoa Joe instantly showed that when becoming a top seller on the NXT brand. Wrestling fans were shocked and excited to see Joe make a surprise debut on the developmental brand that was becoming much more.

Joe was the second top seller a week into his first WWE shirt release on the entire website. Kevin Owens was the only WWE star above him due to his main roster debut. TNA wrestlers never made much off merchandise due to how little they moved.

6Stint Wearing Face Paint In TNA

Samoa Joe

TNA experimented with a few different changes to the presentation of Samoa Joe. One of them featured a drastic difference with the face paint looking to make him more intimidating. Joe disappeared for weeks before returning with a new edge.

There was a new side of Joe shown with his vicious streak looking to score revenge while rocking the face paint. WWE never tried anything like that with Joe who kept relatively the same look outside of just hair length.

5More Promo Time In WWE

Samoa Joe

The biggest improvement for Samoa Joe in WWE over TNA came when he was able to cut strong promos. Joe did a good job in TNA on the microphone, but it was never something they spotlighted.

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TNA felt Joe was best saying little and having his action do the talking. WWE went the opposite route by having Joe cut compelling promos to sell his top matches against the likes of AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

4TNA Tag Team Success

Magnus and Samoa Joe

The TNA run of Samoa Joe would see him moving all over the card with little notice. Joe thrived at adapting to whatever was needed at the time. This was shown strongly when placed into a tag team with Magnus.

The two wrestlers had nothing in common on paper aside from talent and a hunger to do more in TNA. Their makeshift run found huge success winning the TNA Tag Team Championship together. Joe had a few other partners in TNA despite always being a singles performer in WWE.

3Faster Paced Matches In TNA

Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels

Samoa Joe’s in-ring style allowed him to help change the wrestling industry for TNA in the early years. The matches in the X Division against AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels put TNA on the map as something different from WWE.

Joe continued to work his intense and faster-paced style against bigger names like Kurt Angle and Christian Cage. WWE would see Joe working a bit slower and changing things up to be more grounded partially due to his age.

2Bigger Main Event Matches In WWE

Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar

WWE did a great job elevating Samoa Joe in a way TNA always struggled with. Joe was considered a TNA main eventer, but his big matches were never treated as big as a Kurt Angle vs Sting bout. WWE instantly changed that for him during his main roster run.

Joe was presented as a real threat to Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship reign and even choked out the beast in segments. AJ Styles defending the WWE Championship against Joe added more prestige to Joe being treated like a big deal in important matches.

1World Champion In TNA

Samoa Joe

The biggest accomplishment for Samoa Joe in TNA that he never achieved in WWE featured the top world titles. Joe did win the NXT Championship, but that isn’t considered to be the same as the WWE Championship or Universal Championship.

Despite coming close against AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar, Joe never won the world titles for WWE on the main roster. TNA didn’t always book Joe well in the main event scene, but they did make him a credible top champ. Joe won the TNA World Championship from Kurt Angle on a show that set TNA’s buy-rate record and gave him a title reign for the next six months.

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