Backstage News On WWE’s Attitude Toward Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s is no longer a WWE employee, at least that’s how things stand at the moment. The superstar is a free agent, with his contract expiring at the end of last month. There’s every possibility he re-signs with the company yet, as far as news outlets are concerned, everything’s still up in the air.

According to PWInsider, WWE has not made any edict that prevents his name from being mentioned on television. Daniel was brought up both on The Bump and After the Bell this week. WWE banning the mentioning of names belonging to former talent is a pretty common occurrence but they have not gone that way with Bryan, which does suggest they retain hope of getting him back on another deal.

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“In regard to Daniel Bryan’s status, there has been zero edict within WWE warning talents or employees not to mention Daniel Bryan on WWE programming. He was mentioned on this week’s edition of The Bump as well as the After the Bell podcast, which featured speculation as to whether Bryan could appear outside of WWE. If WWE was looking to distance themselves from Bryan after his bout against Roman Reigns and removing him internally from their roster, they are not actively doing so compared to say, CM Punk leaving and there being a lockdown on any mention of his name years ago.”

What About AEW?

Dave Meltzer reportedly made claims of Bryan being able to appear on AEW as early as next week, should he so desire. The younger promotion would be keen on getting him on their books but no one on their roster believes he will actually leave WWE.

The veteran has made little secret of the fact that he wants an easier schedule that would allow him to spend more time with his family. Given his great relationship with Vince McMahon, we imagine he will be offered a deal that allows him more control of his schedule.

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