Jon Moxley Invades GCW, Brawls Into The Streets With Nick Gage

Jon Moxley returned to GCW for a second time this weekend, attacking the promotion’s champion and Dark Side of the Ring subject Nick Gage.

The aftermath of GCW Draft Day’s main event was thrown into disarray on Saturday night when Jon Moxley arrived at the show unannounced. As was the case when Moxley invaded the promotion last month, the former AEW Champion had one thing on his mind. Taking out GCW Champion Nick Gage. A brawl between the two ensued which went all over the building.

In fact, judging by the descriptions of what happened from people in attendance, the brawl between the two left the building. As touched upon above, this isn’t the first time Moxley has invaded GCW recently. The AEW star showed up at a show last month during WrestleMania weekend, again looking for Gage.

Gage has been in the headlines more than ever this week. His Dark Side of the Ring episode debuted on Vice on Thursday night. The episode not only gives fans naive to deathmatch wrestling a look into that often-ignored area of the business, but it also covered Gage’s life outside of the ring at length. Everything from the time he robbed a bank to his infamous match with David Arquette made the cut.

Moxley also features heavily during the doc. It could be argued that the former WWE Superstar is the most famous performer to ever emerge from the deathmatch scene. At least the most famous during the modern era. The two have a long history together and its great for fans with feet in both worlds that Moxley is currently in a position in his career where he can revisit the scene and potentially have a big money match with Gage.

As AEW works with more and more companies, it will be interesting to see to what extent this crossover is taken. Gage is so entrenched in the deathmatch scene that he likely wouldn’t be interested in working for a company like AEW even if the opportunity arose. AEW has staged violent matches in the past, and reactions to that have been mixed. Should Moxley and Gage clash in the ring, odds are it will take place in GCW rather than AEW.

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