WWE Plans For Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre Hell In A Cell Program [Rumor]

It seems obvious from Drew McIntyre’s interference during Monday’s Raw match between Bobby Lashley and Kofi Kingston and The Scottish Warrior and The All Mighty have unfinished business. As such, it makes sense that rumors have surfaced WWE might be planning one more huge match between the two.

McIntyre and Lashley have been at each other’s throats and fighting over the WWE Championship for months. Some believed that the most recent loss suffered by McIntyre would have removed him from the title picture, especially after a string of losses.

Instead, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter is noting that another match between Lashley and McIntyre is likely to take place inside Hell in a Cell next month. Meltzer noted:

“So Hell in a Cell is being moved to 6/20 without any Hell in the Call program being at the level one would expect for such a show. Hell in a Cell should be the culmination of a feud, and the only program that appears at this point to be ready for it would be Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE title.”

bobby lashley pointing at drew mcintyre
via WWE

All Or Nothing For McIntyre?

If Drew McIntyre is not able to win the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell, it has to be assumed this this will be his final shot. If he loses, it seems ridiculous that WWE would expect fans to buy into the idea that he deserves a rematch, for what is seemingly the fourth time. And, if Lashley wins, it cements him as the man in WWE — at least on the Raw side of things.

But, if McIntyre wins, it says that WWE is not finished pushing the man many believed was slated to be the future face of the company. If he beats Lashley — whom WWE has pushing hard as a dominant force — it suggests Lashley was merely a very impressive placeholder.

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