Meet Rick Boogs, The Man Who Played Shinsuke Nakamura To The Ring On SmackDown

Shinsuke Nakamura was played to the ring by a very excited gentleman on SmackDown this week, but who was he?

WWE’s entrance themes haven’t been as fire as they once were. Perhaps that’s due to the fact they let go of iconic composer Jim Johnston. Either way, some of its more modern themes are still pretty darn good, a category in which Shinsuke Nakamura’s music falls. Despite not having words, arenas full of people manage to sing along when it hits.

That was until Nakamura turned heel and had words added to his theme. Ironically that made it harder to sing along, which was the point. Not many people in arenas around the US can speak Japanese. The lyrics have now once again been dropped, which means once fans return to shows this July, the Shinsuke sing-along can commence.

It’s Boogs!

Some of Nakamura’s most iconic entrances have involved very talented musicians playing his music live. That happened again on SmackDown when a man many fans won’t have recognized interrupted Baron Corbin by playing a guitar. Pat McAfee excitedly proclaimed the man to be Boogs, which might have confused fans even more. Boogs, first name Rick, is SmackDown’s latest NXT call-up.

We Thought Jospeh Average Looked Familiar

Even those of you who watch SmackDown on a regular basis might not be familiar with Boogs. Despite oozing charisma and energy, Boogs hasn’t appeared much on the black and gold brand. In fact, he hasn’t wrestled on a regular episode of NXT for more than two years. He also didn’t go by Rick Boogs in NXT. He was previously named Eric Bugenhagen before having his name shortened to Rik Bugez. He will seemingly go by that name on SmackDown but it will be spelled Rick Boogs instead.

Odds are Boogs impressed Vince McMahon with what was technically his main roster debut a couple of months ago. Boogs played the role of Joseph Average back in March during some ads that aired at Fastlane. The first ad saw Average win the 24/7 Title before the second one aired in which he lost it back to R-Truth. How frequently he will be used going forward remains to be seen.

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