How Much WWE Was Reportedly Paid Promote “Army Of The Dead” Film

Understandably, fans didn’t seem to like the zombie invasion that took place at WrestleMania Backlash not long ago. What appeared to be WWE selling out a match between The Miz and Damian Priest to promote The Army of the Dead film, the fact that zombies were the the lumberjacks didn’t sit well with the WWE Universe.

If a report by Ringside News is accurate, WWE President Nick Khan spearheaded the sponsorship from Zack Snyder’s Netflix film and the sponsorship deal that came with it for WrestleMania Backlash was extremely lucrative. They write: ‘We were told that WWE got “big money” out of the agreement which saw zombies surround the ring in that lumberjack match. In the end, WWE received “7 figures from Warner Bros.”

It’s not clear if the deal actually called for the zombies to be part of the match or if this was Vince McMahon or creative’s idea to make that part of the sponsorship package, but that seems to be the issue for fans. It’s not that WWE chose to cross-promote the movie or have Dave Batista narrate the opening of the pay-per-view. But the zombies being part of the match and then apparently devouring The Miz took the deal to a ridiculous level.



On Raw, John Morrison didn’t say The Miz was a goner, but teased in a backstage promo that The A-Lister was no longer with us after the zombies got to him (likely a way to sell that he’d be out with a legit injury for a while.)

7 Figures Is A Lot Of Money

While the WWE is making record profits and doing quite well for themselves, part of the reason is because they’re able to land these kinds of lucrative sponsorship deals. The question now is, was it worth it?

The backlash (no pun intended) that WWE is receiving over the segment might not have been worth the money. Then again, some would argue there’s no such thing as bad press and you can guarantee this whole zombie thing has gotten a lot of attention for both WWE and the film.

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