Rumored WWE Backstage Plans For Rollins vs. Reigns Hint Cesaro’s Push Already Over

It appears Cesaro’s match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash might be WWE’s latest version of a one-and-done. Reports seem to indicate that an eventual program is being worked on that will feature Seth Rollins vs. Reigns and as such, Cesaro is no longer in the WWE Universal Title picture.

WWE has other plans for Cesaro. Cageside Seats writes: “Hell in a Cell is coming up on June 20 and it looks like WWE is revisiting the feud between Cesaro and Rollins for that event.” They add, “That’s not a bad spot for Cesaro to be in, but it does make him one of the few one-and-done challengers for Roman Reigns in recent months.”

If Cesaro is working a program with Rollins and the eventual plan seems to be to work Rollins into a feud with Reigns down the road, Cesaro will be on the outside of that title scene looking in.

Until the Rollins and Reigns program becomes a reality — which could be a ways away since Rollins and Reigns are technically both heels — Reigns needs a new challenger for his Universal championship at Hell in a Cell. The report adds that “Jimmy Uso stands out as the obvious candidate, especially when you consider what went down between Reigns and the Usos at last year’s Hell in a Cell card.”

Cesaro Proved He Deserves A Rematch

Some fans will see the fact that Cesaro is still in the upper card and working with Rollins as a good sign that WWE has finally recognized he’s much more than a mid-card guy. Others will hate the fact that the company is already taking him out of the title picture.

Cesaro literally waited years to get his shot and when he got it, he delivered one of the matches of the year. It’s a crime all that might be over already and that unless something changes he won’t get a run with the title around his waist.

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