Aleister Black Makes WWE Return On SmackDown, Selects First Target

Fans have been watching Aleister Black seemingly warn the world he was coming back and that when he did, he’d be sharing his father’s message — whatever that was. Black made his long-awaited return on Friday.

A Fatal-Four Way match for the Intercontinental Title ended as Apollo Crews retained, but thanks mostly to Black’s interference as he targeted Big E and delivered a Black Mass kick in a no-disqualification bout.

It wasn’t clear why Black was there or why he targeted Big E. All that is known at this point is that he appeared out of a billow of white smoke after the lights had gone somewhat dark. He removed his hooded coat, stood in the ring and figuratively kicked E’s head off.

Crews smiled at the result after getting the three count but it doesn’t seem like Crews and Black are aligned. It appears more that Crews was just in the right place at the right time and happy enough to walk away still the Intercontinental Champion.

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Big E Is An Interesting Choice

If this appearance hints that Big E and Black are about to start a program, it’s an intriguing choice. Speculation has been that WWE is trying to push the former New Day member to a singles main event run. That said, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for WWE to bring Black back, only to have him lose to someone who is on the rise on the SmackDown brand.

Will this budding rivalry continue next week? Or, was this a one-off and Black will target someone else? Furthermore, does Black’s in-person appearance means his Tales of the Dark Father vignettes are over? It certainly seemed like there might be more chapters to come.

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