Paul Heyman Says Roman Reigns “Is A Much Better Champion” Than The Rock

Paul Heyman is doing his part in building up a potential dream match between Roman Reigns and The Rock.

On Friday, the WWE on FOX Instagram account posted photos of Reigns and The Rock wearing similar outfits, with the caption “Same energy.”

This prompted Heyman to respond. He boldly claimed that Reigns is the superior champion and “mega box attraction.”

Back in 2019, The Rock revealed that he was retired from professional wrestling. However, the wrestler-turned-actor has expressed an interest in a match with Reigns on numerous occasions.

The Rock said that a match with Reigns “would make sense”, adding that he would have no problem putting his cousin over.

Back in March, Heyman stated that “The Rock is just one of many” marquee celebrities to have reached out regarding a potential WrestleMania match with Reigns.

It was previously reported that Vince McMahon didn’t want to run the dream match at WrestleMania 37 because he would prefer if it took place in Los Angeles.

Well,  WrestleMania 39 will take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California on Apr. 2, 2023. Reigns himself said that WrestleMania 39 “makes sense” in regards to a match with The Rock.

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That feels like the perfect time and place to run the match, but who knows? Perhaps WWE will look to run it at WrestleMania 38 in Arlington, Texas.

The bottom line is that The Rock, Reigns and Heyman all sound keen on making the match happen. And there’s practically no reason to believe that McMahon and WWE officials are against it.

The Match Feels Inevitable

The Rock may be retired, but it’s quite evident that he’s enthused about the idea of facing Reigns. This would be an all-time dream match, and it would go a long way in elevating Reigns’ soaring main event superstar status. It’s simply a match that has to happen, and it’d be quite surprising if we didn’t see it happen by WrestleMania 39.

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