Out For Revenge: Edge Should Return For Payback On Seth Rollins

Edge lost his title match at WrestleMania 37 and hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since. Neither of those things are necessarily bad. Roman Reigns’ momentum should not be halted right now, and too much Edge on TV each week would make him being back feel less special. You’d be surprised how quickly some fans can get fed up with something, even when that something is as good as Edge.

The only future issue is what Edge does when he returns. The Rated R Superstar probably has a list as long as his arm of people he would like to face before he hangs up his boots for good for a second time. What he needs to do is sit down with those in charge of his career and figure out which ones make sense for WWE TV and everything else going on. On paper, there is no one better for Edge to face when he comes back than Seth Rollins.

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Some Long Overdue Revenge

More than six years have passed since Rollins stood on Edge’s neck live on Raw and used him as leverage to get The Authority’s power reinstated. At 2014’s Survivor Series, John Cena won a match that stripped the group of its power. The Architect, who was a part of the group at the time, wedged Edge’s damaged neck between his foot and his Money in the Bank briefcase, threatening to seriously injure the then-retired star if Cena didn’t do as he said.

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Cena buckled and The Authority was reinstated. Meanwhile, Edge faded back into retirement, unable to do anything about the humiliation brought upon him by Rollins. Yes, Vince McMahon has apparently been known to say fans don’t remember things that happened a week ago, let alone six years in the past. Yet where we are, talking about it, wondering why it hasn’t been addressed.

The Road To Rollins

In WWE’s, and Edge’s, defense, the 11-time World Champion has been pretty busy since he returned. He clashed with Randy Orton as soon as he stepped back in the ring, and has been tied up with Roman Reigns on SmackDown this year. Not to mention being sidelined with a torn triceps for the majority of the time since his return in 2020. Perhaps Rollins is on his to-do list, and now it’s time to tick him off.

Odds are Edge is sat at home right now with a Cody Rhodes-style list of dream opponents in WWE. Superstars he has been watching perform for the past decade who he thought he would never have the chance to wrestle. He has even openly admitted his desire to face some of them. Tomasso Ciampa and Pete Dunne, just to name a couple. There’s no reason why he can’t have those matches as he continues to move closer to that match with Rollins.

The Messiah is a pretty busy man right now, which might be part of the reason Edge is in no rush to return. Apparently, The Rated R Superstar isn’t nursing an injury and is just making the most of his part-time deal. Rollins’ issues with Cesaro continue on SmackDown, and a showdown with Reigns seems almost inevitable at this point. That will keep Rollins busy up until SummerSlam at the very least.

SummerSlam Return, WrestleMania Retirement

Depending on exactly how long Edge wants to be away, the SmackDown after SummerSlam seems like the perfect place for him to return. It will also be a great way to help move Reigns onto a new opponent. The Architect can be midway through yelling about how he deserves a rematch only for Edge to make his return and shut him up. Yes, in this scenario, Reigns beats Rollins at SummerSlam because at this point, we basically want The Tribal Chief to be Universal Champion forever.

Edge and Rollins can then go back and forth in a battle reminiscent of the one the former had with Orton in 2020. Big matches at multiple PPVs while having mini-feuds with others in between. That way the rivalry can continue and unfold while Edge squeezes in a few of those dream matches along the way. Rollins wins the Universal Title but stops Edge from winning the Royal Rumble as he looks dead set to make it back-to-back wins in the biggest match of the year.

Edge finds another way to get a shot at Rollins at WrestleMania, beats him for the Universal Title, and relinquishes it the next night on Raw. Not because he has to, but because he wants to. A moment that mirrors the one he had 11 years prior at that point, but this time, he is saying goodbye on his own terms. A slew of dream matches in the books, a 12th World Title won, and revenge achieved on the man who wronged him when he was helpless.

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