Jey Uso details his family’s heritage & says his children will be WWE champions in 10 years

The latter have been part of the WWE since the 70s, with names such as Peter Maivia, The Rock, Rikishi and Umaga to name a few who have featured on the company’s programming over the yearsHowever, now is the time for the latest generation of this historic family to be the mainstays in WWE. Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Usos, Jimmy and Jey, are arguably held at the highest regard in the company.

Speaking to Yahoo Sports recently, Jey thinks Samoan wrestlers are ideal for the business,

“I think the Samoan people have made wrestling,” he said.

“Pro wrestling is right down our alley, we’re just physical people, strong, quick. I feel like we were just made to do this. Being a part of it now and seeing all of the blood that has been laid before me, the whole family tree, it’s very humbling and I’m so proud I am part of this.”

During a period where The Usos were face, they would wear traditional Samoan face paint as well as ring gear to fit their heritage. This changed in 2016 when they turned heel, something Jey thinks was important.

The Usos in 2015

“I think we did the Samoan thing and the fans knew our heritage and what we represented,” he said.

“[The change] allowed us to be more of the real version of ourselves. You start to let people in and see that we are modernized, we can talk, we’re not just two happy dudes and they can see the struggle in us. It all blends in.

“Now, we’re at the point where when I walk out, you know where I am from, what family I belong to. We just have to keep it going and keep evolving.”

The Usos v Street Profits

Jey, his brother Jimmy and cousin Reigns know how important family is, with Roman dubbing himself “The Head of The Table”. The Anoa’i family is a big one, with Jey hopeful that his children will one day follow in his footsteps and go on to be champions in WWE.

“We have so many cousins. The wrestling world has no idea how deep we really are. I know they think we’re deep now, but ten years from now we’re going to be talking about our children being WWE champions.”

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