WWE Has Screwed The Fiend For A Third Time

It has been well over a month since WrestleMania 37 and barring a short video during the Raw after WrestleMania, Bray Wyatt has once again completely disappeared. No Wyatt, no Fiend, nothing from Alexa Bliss on what she did with the poor man. Wyatt’s latest alter ego was arguably the best thing WWE has managed to do with the Superstar, and despite being given multiple chances, they have ruined what could have been something oh so special.

Murder In Hell In A Cell

WWE has more or less left long-term storytelling in the past, aside from the occasional moment it throws to fans who are truly paying attention. As frustrating as that can be for those remaining few, it sadly makes sense. Most people are scrolling through Twitter while watching TV, especially when that TV is showcasing a three-hour Raw. However, when it does decide to follow through with a long-running arc and make patient fans wait, it can be worth it.

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That seemed to be the case when WWE first introduced fans to The Fiend. Bray Wyatt teased the introduction of his new character for months before he finally debuted at SummerSlam 2019. The entrance was a sight to behold, as was The Fiend’s appearance. Finally, WWE was onto something special with Wyatt before swiftly trying to ruin it one match later.

It had already been made very clear that The Fiend was pretty much unbeatable. WWE’s way out of that when he fought Seth Rollins for the Universal Title at Hell In A Cell was to basically kill him live on air. Rollins buried The Fiend under a pile of steel chairs and then hit him in the head with a sledgehammer. That didn’t annoy fans, but a match famed for being anything goes getting frantically stopped was the first real body blow to The Fiend.

Reparation And Strike Two

Vince McMahon claims he listens to fans, and this might have been proof of that being true. Later that same month, The Fiend got his rematch at Crown Jewel. That time, even a sledgehammer to the head wasn’t going to stop him from winning gold. Wyatt survived numerous stomps and even stood back up after being thrown into a box of pyro.

What may have been lost on fans who were just happy to see The Fiend back on track at the time was he should have never been in the title picture in the first place. When someone wins a title, it means they eventually have to lose it. If McMahon had listened to the fans after Hell in a Cell, he had very much popped his earplugs back in by the time WrestleMania season was in full swing.

When it became clear that The Fiend would be defending the title against Goldberg at Super Showdown, you could almost feel the entire WWE Universe let out a collective groan. As expected, Goldberg squashed The Fiend like he has done countless others and won the title from The Fiend. No return match for Wyatt, and Goldberg would lose the title to Braun Strowman shortly after.

Strike Three, You’re Out Of Ideas

Having not learned their lesson, WWE went ahead and crowned The Fiend Universal Champion for a second time just a few months later. On the bright side when it came to Wyatt losing the title, it happened in a triple threat where Strowman was the one who ate the pin. It was also Roman Reigns who won the title. Not only did he deserve to be champion, but his reign continues.

bliss fiend
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WWE didn’t even ruin The Fiend for a third time when they had Randy Orton burn him alive at TLC. Despite it being quite the visual and some fans not really liking it, the focus on the angle even after Wyatt had “died” kept him in the spotlight and elevated The Fiend’s aura. Even the return of a burned-up Fiend somehow worked as he and Alexa Bliss tormented Orton for what he had done.

Then it happened. After what was a pretty cool entrance at WrestleMania 37 during which The Fiend shed his burned shell and returned to his original form, WWE went ahead and ruined The Fiend for the third time. Bliss appeared out of a giant box, black liquid dripping down her face. That distracted The Fiend to such an extent that he was knocked down for a three-count by just one RKO. No offense to Orton, but this guy survived countless stomps in the past. Maybe he was still woozy from Goldberg’s jackhammer the year before.

Fans desperate for The Fiend to work were willing to let the bizarreness of that WrestleMania low point slide if WWE had explained it afterward. Here we are, six weeks later, and nothing. Wyatt made a brief appearance on Raw the night after and hasn’t been since. Meanwhile, Bliss has shrugged off her Fiend connection and is off doing her own thing. We hate to admit it, but at this point, it might be worth Wyatt having the next part of his career play out elsewhere. Even when presented with one of the most unique characters in a generation, WWE has demonstrated it just doesn’t know how to book the third-generation star effectively.

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