Roman Reigns’ next WWE challenger teased as Paul Heyman promises top star title shot

At WWE WrestleMania Backlash, The Tribal Chief defeated Cesaro in an epic main-event match that lasted nearly 30 minutes. While The Swiss Superman threatened with a few near falls, the result was never really in doubt as Roman locked in his Guillotine submission to end the bout. Cesaro didn’t actually tap out, but he did pass out, leading to the referee stoppage.

After the match, the defeated challenger was then attacked by Seth Rollins, who was looking for some revenge from his defeat at WrestleMania 37.

On SmackDown last Friday, The Messiah continued his assault, suggesting that he and Cesaro will perhaps settle their feud once and for all at Hell in a Cell next month.

So that, of course, means Reigns needs a new challenger moving forward and Paul Heyman actually teased an incredibly exciting prospect on Talking Smack last Friday.

Reigns needs a new challenger on SmackDown

During a conversation with the newly crowned ‘King Nakamura’, Roman’s Special Counsel went as far as almost promising Shinsuke a future title match.

“Nakamura, does it [excite you] just to think that one day, we may actually do King Nakamura against ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns?” Heyman asked.

The SmackDown Superstar certainly seems up for the fight, eagerly asking Paul to give his word that it will happen soon before the pair shook hands.

Heyman promised Nakamura a title match on Talking Smack

“[I] promise, my King. Your kingdom is in good hands, sir. I shall send your regards to our Tribal Chief,” Heyman concluded.

Check out another clip of Paul teasing the match-up, by suggesting what Nakamura was saying will ‘trend on social media all week’.

It really does seem that WWE are teasing a future match between Reigns vs Nakamura – and we could even get it as soon as Hell in a Cell if Heyman’s promise is to be taken seriously.

We’re not sure Roman will be too keen on his Special Counsel handing out title shots, though…

Roman Reigns will be in action on WWE SmackDown this Friday, live to UK-based fans on BT Sport.  

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