Daniel Bryan: WWE release unseen footage of his incredible WrestleMania 30 moment

One of the most popular WWE Superstars to ever step inside the squared circle was ‘banished’ from SmackDown by Roman Reigns in April.

That, of course, was the conclusion of his epic storyline with ‘The Tribal Chief’ which climaxed at WrestleMania 37.

The real reason for Bryan’s banishing, of course, was that his WWE contract had expired and he was free to walk away.

In the weeks since his final appearance on SmackDown, fans have been speculating whether The Leader of the ‘Yes!’ Movement will ever return.

After all, he’s made it clear in recent years that he’s coming to the end of his career and he can walk away right now with a lifetime of incredible memories.

The greatest moment of all, perhaps, came at WrestleMania XXX in 2014, where Bryan captured the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Bryan's WrestleMania 30. moment was incredible

Against the odds, he beat Batista and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match that will never be forgotten by those who witnessed it.

To celebrate Bryan’s birthday (this past weekend) WWE released ‘unseen angles’ of his epic WrestleMania XXX win.

Check out the video below:

Ah, the memories! What a moment that truly was. There’s no doubt this was one of the biggest matches of Bryan’s career and one he may never be able to top.

With that in mind, it’s hard to blame the legendary WWE Superstar if he does decide to walk away for good seven years later, after WrestleMania 37. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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