AEW Star Reveals He Will Be Fighting At Double Or Nothing With A Broken Rib

An AEW star has revealed he will be going into his Double or Nothing match with a broken rib, with the AEW PPV set to air this Sunday.

Cody Rhodes and Anthony Ogogo are poised to go head-to-head on the night but the latter has revealed having picked up an injury as a result of a botched move in training. From all indications, though, the match will go on as planned.

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Former Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo makes his way to the ring on AEW Dynamite 05/19/2021

“I’m sitting here now – I’m very, very open and honest, probably too open and honest… But I am who I am, I do what I do. I’ve got a broken rib right now,” he told “My rib’s broken because I did a move in training this week. I did it wrong, and I broke a rib. I’m now wrestling Cody, the best wrestler in the world, with a broken rib… And that’s real, that’s not me just saying that. My rib is f**ked!”

Ogogo Is In Awe Of Cody Rhodes

Ogogo, a former boxer, joined AEW in 2019 and kicked things off as a guest commentator for AEW Dark last year. His feud with Rhodes began when he attacked the AEW EVP in March. Ogogo is undefeated going into Double or Nothing.

“I’ve had two matches in my existence, and Cody’s this legend – or his dad was a legend, he’s on the way to creating his own legend in wrestling,” he added.

“I watched him when I was a kid – before I had hairs on my bollocks, I was watching Cody Rhodes on TV and I was a fan of Cody Rhodes. Now, I have lots of hairs on my bollocks and I’m facing Cody at Double or Nothing. So, I’m really happy, the pressure’s on him.”

The PPV will air on Fite on May 30 at 8 pm ET.

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