Roman Reigns’ Last 10 Losses

Roman Reigns is one of the most dominant wrestlers in WWE history. He was always someone that was hard to put down, whether he was in The Shield or as a singles star. Since his heel turn, though, The Tribal Chief has become practically invincible – in fact, he hasn’t lost a match cleanly.

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Although Reigns hasn’t won all of his matches cleanly, with his cousin Jey Uso helping him out on a few occasions, he’s still near-impossible to pin or to make submit. Either way, no one can deny that Roman Reigns is a tough nut to crack, and that’s why defeating him will be a huge achievement. Here are the last 10 times Roman Reigns lost a match.

10Drew McIntyre & The Revival – Raw June 3, 2019,

What Roman Reigns has done is so incredible, that in a period of almost two years, he has lost only 10 matches. On episode number 1358 of Monday Night Raw, Reigns teamed up with his cousins Jey and Jimmy Uso to take on Drew McIntyre and The Revival.

The bout was nothing spectacular, but the result was a bit unexpected. Shane McMahon distracted Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre took advantage of the moment to hit Reigns with the Claymore. Immediately after McIntyre hit another Claymore on Jey Uso to pin him and win the match.

9Shane McMahon – Super ShowDown 2019

roman reigns vs shane mcmahon super showdown 2019

Today it is still hard to believe that Shane McMahon defeated Roman Reigns. A few days after the aforementioned distraction, Roman Reigns and Shane-O-Mac faced off at Super ShowDown 2019.

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Frankly, the match was a total disaster, probably the worst match of the PPV, and that’s saying something. It was very boring, slow paced and the simple fact that Shane McMahon defeated Roman Reigns made no sense. Certainly, Shane was helped by Drew McIntyre, but still this was an odd booking decision. That was the las time that Roman Reigns lost two matches in a row.

8Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon – Raw July 8, 2019

Reigns and Gary Garbutt vs McIntyre and Shane Mcman

Roman Reigns teamed up with the masked Gary “The Goat” Garbutt (Cedric Alexander) to face off once again against Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

A few seconds after the bell rang, McIntyre sent Reigns face-first into the ring post. So, it was Gary Garbutt’s time to shine. He indeed stole the show with stunts and high-flying moves against McIntyre and McMahon. However, this situation did not last long, as Garbutt could not resist the Claymore kick.

7Erick Rowan – Clash Of Champions 2019

Roman Reigns Erick Rowan Clash Of Champions

At Clash Of Champions 2019, Roman Reigns and Erick Rowan collided in a No Disqualification match. This was a good hard-hitting bout, full of action, brutality and with an unexpected ending. Luke Harper came back and helped Erick Rowan defeat Roman Reigns. Fans couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most important victories of Erick Rowan’s career, although he probably never would have made it without Luke Harper’s help.

6Seth Rollins – SmackDown October 11, 2019

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins faced off to determine which brand would have the first draft pick. Rollins represented Raw and Reigns represented SmackDown. These two guys have known each other for a long time and know how to work together, and they proved it.

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The match was going amazing, but suddenly The Fiend appeared and attacked Seth Rollins, which caused Roman Reigns to be disqualified. This was one of the most unfair losses of Reigns’ career, as he had nothing to do with The Fiend’s attack.

5King Corbin – SmackDown November 8, 2019

King Corbin defeated Roman Reigns

On episode number 1055 of SmackDown, The Big Dog faced King Corbin. Truth be told, Roman Reigns’ performance was poor, as he just didn’t seem motivated that night – not too surprising when endlessly facing Corbin.

On the other hand, King Corbin did quite well, though perhaps it’s impossible to look bad when defeating a high caliber wrestler like Reigns. The Manchester crowd and most of the world’s viewers were shocked by the result of the match.

4Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, King Corbin – SmackDown November 22, 2019

Reigns, Ali, Shorty G vs Corbin Smackdown

On this occasion, Roman Reigns teamed up with Mustafa Ali and Shorty G to face Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode and King Corbin.

The match was a bit boring, as nothing of note happened. The bout came to an end when King Corbin performed a Deep Six on Ali and pinned him to get the win. After the match, the ring was completely filled with wrestlers from Raw, Smackdown and NXT and we saw an absolutely insane battle.

3King Corbin – TLC 2019

Corbin Reigns TLC

King Corbin was a stone in Roman Reigns’ shoe. This time at Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2019, King Corbin managed to defeat Roman Reigns.

Corbin and Reigns delivered a good match. Reigns had a solid performance and Corbin looked more powerful than ever. However, the match was ruined when Dolph Ziggler, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder (besides Corbin’s bodyguards) showed up to help Corbin. Roman Reigns did everything he could, fought to the end like a true warrior, but in the end his defeat was inevitable.

2Royal Rumble 2020

Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre royal rumble

Roman Reigns had already defeated King Corbin earlier that night in a very intense match, but that didn’t stop him from participating in the Royal Rumble match. Reigns was the 26th entrant, a very favorable position. In fact, upon seeing him enter the ring many thought he would be the winner. However, Drew McIntyre was inspired and wasn’t going to let anyone stand between him and glory.

Reigns eliminated Dolph Ziggler and Edge and was in the final two with McIntyre. Finally, The Chosen One eliminated Reigns to win the Royal Rumble match and earn a title shot at WrestleMania 36.

1Kevin Owens & Otis – SmackDown December 4, 2020

Reigns Owens Uso Smackdown

Roman Reigns’ last loss as of now was on episode 1111 of SmackDown. The Tribal Chief teamed up with Jey Uso to take on Kevin Owens and Otis. Reigns was very angry and unleashed his anger on Otis, brutally attacking him with the steel steps and taking him out of the match.

Kevin Owens was on his own, but he still performed admirably. KO was pinning Jey Uso and the count was close to three, but Roman caught Owens with his Guillotine Choke, which caused an immediate disqualification. Reigns showed no mercy to either Owens or his cousin, attacking them both with a chair and showing them who is the head of the table.

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