Fantasy Booking: What WWE Should Do On The Road To Hell In A Cell 2021

Considering Monday Night Raw’s ratings plummeted based on nearly three hours of rematches, one might suggest there’s a concern that the buildup towards Hell in a Cell on June 20 might have hit a snag. SmackDown has consistently been the far superior show, but that’s not to say it couldn’t use a bit of a boost as well.

As is, the lone match on the card for Hell in a Cell is Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley and the anticipation of that match isn’t really, what some might call feverish. With only three weeks left to really build towards that pay-per-view, is there anything WWE can do to get fans pumped and excited for what should be a good event based on the history of Hell in a Cell matches? Moreover, can they use the show to get fans psyched on the road to an all-important SummerSlam?

Add A Shocking Drew McIntyre Stipulation

All roads seem to be leading to a Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley match. If so, it will be the umpteenth time these two have met up in some fashion over the past few months. The WWE Universe already seems to be souring on the idea of another rematch, suggesting McIntyre doesn’t deserve to be there and that his act has grown a touch stale.

Drew McIntyre cuts a promo

If WWE is set on these two again, the easy thing to do would be to include a stipulation that should Drew not win the WWE Title, he won’t be able to challenge for the WWE Championship ever again. That’s a big risk that includes an unpredictable ending. Half of the fans will pick Drew as the winner simply because they’ll believe there’s no way WWE will move him out of the title scene. The other half might stick with Lashley, but could be a bit stunned if the champion retains.

A few things work here. One, it’s time to move Drew on to other things if he’s not WWE’s chosen one. Putting him in other feuds makes the most sense and he likely doesn’t need a title run to be relevant. Two, if WWE goes with a Superstar Shakeup at some point, moving Drew to SmackDown puts him right back in the main event scene without complications.

Down the road, and in a couple of years time, if he turns heel and challenges for the WWE Championship again, the stipulation can be worked around.

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Tease The Return Of Finn Balor

One way to add some buzz is to start airing vignettes that tease the return of Finn Balor. Whatever gimmick WWE decides to run with — The Prince, The Demon, or just Balor himself — if these vignettes promote the return of one of WWE’s former main event players and a staple of the NXT brand over the past year, fans will be excited to see his return.

Finn Balor WWE

There’s no reason WWE has to tell fans which version of Balor is coming back. Tease all three and then make the decision closer to. Whichever version shows up, fans won’t be disappointed. At worst, it simply leaves open the option to make a character shift down the road.

Whether WWE promotes an official match for his return or not probably also doesn’t matter. Building up his appearance is key and teasing that something big is coming to given him the return he deserves matters most.

Start A Tag Team Unification Tournament

WWE’s tag team division is pretty awful. There’s no way to sugarcoat that fact. Since there’s only one set of Women’s Tag Titles, why not do the same with the men’s and set the foundation of a tag team title tournament that would start just before Hell in a Cell and culminate at SummerSlam?

Both shows could open up entries into the tourney for teams that want to enter themselves. There would be obvious friction between the Usos and Roman Reigns over their entry, plus The Dirty Dawgs, Street Profits, Viking Raiders, New Day, Mace and T-Bar and other teams could enter into a 16-team qualifier, many trying to one-up or sabotage the others before their respective matches.

Established teams could talk about the importance of being the unified title holders, while this type of tournament could also lead to the creation of a few new teams, reinvigorate the tag division and put an emphasis on how important the titles are. The two current tag holders could get a bye in the first round and meet up in the second round, and the eventual winners could rotate between the brands.

Not only would this offer up some of WWE’s best in-ring action, but it would show fans that the company hasn’t forgotten about the importance of strong teams to the overall success of WWE’s on-air product.

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