10 Funniest Moments Of Edge’s WWE Career

Edge provided a strong range of skills in WWE with humor at the top of the list. The earlier years of Edge’s career featured him having hilarious moments when teaming up with Christian. Kurt Angle joining them added more opportunities to have fun, whether mocking others or being the butt of the jokes.

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The later chapters of Edge’s run featured a more sadistic side in a top spot, but Edge still factored in comedy. WWE fans witnessed Edge being among the all-time best wrestlers at comedy behind names like Chris Jericho and The Rock. The following moments showcase the funniest side of Edge in WWE.

10Kazoo Battle Against New Day

New Day upsets legends

WWE has always tried to spotlight comedy whenever Edge and Christian reunite for the occasional return segment. New Day playing heels in 2015 made them the ideal team to have a backstage battle with the legendary duo.

Christian brought out the kazoo from old times with Edge singing to mock the trio. Big E taking the kazoo and chewing it provided more humor until the Dudley Boyz entered the picture. The segment worked since Bubba Ray and D-Von were feuding with New Day while having a history of respect with Edge and Christian.

9Parodying DX With Randy Orton

Rated RKO as DX

The short stint of Randy Orton and Edge teaming up featured the Rated RKO duo feuding with D-Generation X. WWE needed two credible heels to pair up to present a real threat over Triple H and Shawn Michaels after the easily got past the Spirit Squad and McMahon family.

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One moment to stand out for the humorous side featured Orton and Edge parodying DX. Edge specifically created laughter when mocking Triple H with an exaggerated large nose and the water spitting entrance. The serious character of Edge was allowed to bring the comedy back again here.

8Mocking The Hardy Boyz Backyard Wrestling Videos

Edge and Christian vs the Hardy Boyz

The rivalry of the Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian created outstanding matches to let them breakout together. Edge and Christian playing the heels always worked out for the better since they thrived as the annoying characters.

Matt and Jeff were mocked by the heels when referencing the Hardy Boyz having their own backyard promotion. The promos from their childhood days were played as Edge and Christian did their impressions to add more intensity to their next match.

7Annoying Triple H & Stephanie Backstage

Edge and Christian

The start of the McMahon-Helmsley regime in WWE saw Triple H and Stephanie McMahon using heels to help them out when gaining power. Edge and Christian were aligned with them for a short run when taking part in backstage segments.

The kazoo was used by Christian when trying to cheer up Triple H and a sick Stephanie in their locker room. Edge and Christian playing the entrance theme for Triple H in comedic fashion saw him getting upset and kicking them out.

6Getting The Great Khali Counted Out

The Great Khali vs Edge

Edge was tasked with having a compelling match against The Great Khali and it worked better than expected. The Anonymous Raw General Manager put Edge’s title shot against John Cena on the line in the match against a giant.

Smart game-planning from Edge would see him tricking Khali to leave the ring and hitting his lower body to get a count out victory when sneaking back in. The match restarted as an over the top rope challenge and Edge once again tricked Khali into falling over on his own for comedic results.

5Snapping Against Anonymous Raw GM’s Laptop

Edge confronts the Anonymous Raw GM

The strange storyline of the Anonymous Raw General Manager featured many wrestlers growing frustrated with the unknown figure. Edge showed his anger more than most in a hilarious segment that saw him snapping.

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The laptop set up on the podium had an automated voice when Edge knocked it over. Things grew even funnier when Edge picked up a steel chair and started hitting the laptop as if it were his opponent in a street fight.

4Helping Christian Lose Weight

Edge and Christian confront Mick Foley

One of the funniest backstage segments involving both Edge and Christian played an emphasis on Christian trying to lose weight to dominate the light heavyweight division. Commissioner Mick Foley was on Christian’s tail trying to make sure he wasn’t breaking any rules.

Edge coaching Christian to lose weight provided funny moments that showcased the lifelong chemistry of friendship they have. Foley going after Edge and Christian for weeks helped them break out even more in hilarious segments with a legend.

3Imitating Ric Flair’s Road Rage Incident

Edge as Ric Flair

Ric Flair had a public road rage incident when getting arrested for fighting someone outside of the ring while feuding with Edge in early 2006. WWE decided to use this as part of the angle when Edge recreated the moment in an exaggerated segment.

Cameras showed Edge in one of Flair’s robe and a wig doing an impression of Flair’s promo style when getting into issues with the other driver. Edge placed him in the figure four leglock and started “Woo’ing” like a mad man in the hilarious skit.

2Jug Band 5-Second Pose

Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle

Almost all of the “five second poses” from Edge and Christian provided hilarious results in the Attitude Era. Edge and Christian would pose for five seconds to appease the fans with flash photography, but they made sure to up it for this one.

Kurt Angle joined the duo when the three wrestlers developed a bond as Team ECK. The jug band pose mocked the fans in attendance with various zingers coming from the fake teeth to the outfits. Edge, Christian and Angle brought their A-game here for the comedy.

1Tricking Kurt Angle With Pictures

Kurt Angle and Edge

Edge’s singles push would see Kurt Angle becoming one of his targets. Both men had great matches together in a feud that ultimately saw Angle having to shave his head bald after losing a match.

Many funny moments were executed, but the backstage segment with Edge using Kurt’s ego against him worked to perfection. Angle held a few photos gifted to him by Edge celebrating his career. The camera showed the back of the photos with disrespectful comments towards Kurt as the crowd responded with loud laughter.

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