10 Wrestlers Who Reinvented Themselves In WCW

The legacy of WCW was that a company proved they could pass WWE in the power struggle for the top wrestling promotion. Wrestlers loved the time frame of both WWE and WCW existing since it gave them opportunities to rebuild their careers. Quite a few talents used their time in WCW to switch things up and change their status in wrestling.

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The results were usually positive, but in some instances, things went poorly for those involved. Regardless, each wrestler in question used the reinvention in WCW to make fans look at a new side of their personality. Find out what led to the talents getting a chance and why they needed to make strides forward. The following wrestlers reinvented themselves when working for WCW.

10The Great Muta

The Great Muta wearing nWo facepaint

The working relationship between WCW and NJPW allowed talented Japanese stars like The Great Muta to wrestle in the United States. WCW fans loved Muta in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when working closely with Sting.

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The return in the latter half of the ‘90s would see Muta turning heel in a new light when joining the New World Order. Both WCW and NJPW witnessed Muta wearing the black-and-white face paint and representing the top heels in the Japanese side of things.

9Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious on WCW Nitro

Multiple stints in WCW for Sid Vicious would see his biggest return coming in 1999. Sid had achieved bigger fame in WWE during his WWE Championship reigns. WCW decided to bring him back with a new gimmick as The Millennium Man.

The intensity of Sid was stronger than ever when he claimed he would go undefeated into the new millennium. Sid destroyed opponents in squash matches for months, including beating multiple wrestlers at a time all to set up a big program with Goldberg.

8Lance Storm

Lance Storm stands behind Canadian flag

ECW primarily showcased Lance Storm as a tag team wrestler with Justin Credible in the Impact Players. WCW signing Storm away ended the time in ECW with a newer character allowing him to break out as a singles star.

Storm replicated Bret Hart’s run in The Hart Foundation with pro-Canadian and anti-American promos. WCW fans booed Storm most weeks and his entertainment value skyrocketed. Storm reinvented himself in WCW for the better despite already being great in ECW.

7Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett holds WCW US Title

The back and forth moves from WWE to WCW saw Jeff Jarrett changing things up on a few occasions. Jarrett joining WCW for the first time allowed him to ditch the country music gimmick that became associated with him in WWE.

WCW used Jarrett as a traditional wrestler playing up his heel side without having to pretend to be a singer. The storyline with The Four Horsemen helped Jarrett breakout more than his prior WWE run with Debra becoming his new manager.

6Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn in the ring

The impressive work of Perry Saturn in ECW saw him thriving in the company’s top tag team, pairing up with John Kronus in The Eliminators. Fans loved them as a duo, but Saturn felt his potential was greater as a singles star when jumping ship to WCW.

The new character was a bit more intense with few words spoken as part of Raven’s Flock. Saturn eventually broke out on his own by feuding with Raven and had a strong mid-card run. Not many fans would have expected that from someone viewed as a tag team wrestler.

5Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth in nWo shirt

The reputation of Miss Elizabeth was a beloved face character in wrestling after her stint in WWE managing Randy Savage. Elizabeth became one of the first female characters to thrive in a main event angle when Hulk Hogan and Savage split up over her.

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WCW completely changed the presentation of Elizabeth when having her turn heel on Savage. Elizabeth aligned with Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen before eventually joining the New World Order. Both stints showed a new vicious side of Elizabeth taking a cheap shot to help her wrestlers.


nWo Wolfpac backstage in WCW

Konnan was the biggest wrestling star in Mexico before landing his contract offer from WCW. The hope from Eric Bischoff was to make the company more international. WCW signing Konnan led to other names like Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, and Juventud Guerrera joining.

The character of Konnan drastically changed in WCW when he joined the New World Order. Konnan showed more charisma, especially when the Wolfpac formed as a face version of the group. The transition from his AAA days saw Konnan playing a completely different character.

3Curt Hennig

West Texas Rednecks on WCW Nitro

WWE added the gimmick of Mr. Perfect to Curt Hennig’s presentation to spotlight him as one of the best wrestlers in the world. Hennig moving to WCW would see him wrestling under his real name since WWE owned the trademark of Mr. Perfect.

The use of Hennig was similar at first when he joined the New World Order. However, WCW eventually ended the faction and Hennig formed his own group as the West Texas Rednecks. Hennig sang country songs during his feud with Master P’s rap faction, No Limit Soliders.


Syxx poses with nWo

Sean Waltman thrived in the role of the 1-2-3 Kid at first in WWE playing the ultimate underdog. The eventual heel turn would see the character growing tired until he made the decision to jump ship and join WCW.

Syxx was the new name given to Waltman when becoming a member of the New World Order teaming with his friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. WCW let Waltman show a more authentic side of edginess that got over. WWE eventually re-signed Waltman as X-Pac to play a similar character in D-Generation X.

1Hulk Hogan

Hollywood Hulk Hogan holds nWo/WCW World Title

The biggest instance of a wrestler reinventing themselves in WCW was the biggest star in the company. Hogan struggled to find the same success in WCW with the Hulkamania character that he did leading WWE to new success.

The shocking moment of Hogan turning heel to form the New World Order changed WCW for the better. Records were set with ratings, buy rates, and every metric of success. Hogan played the most dastardly heel using his power of the nWo to reign supreme.

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