10 Worst Things AJ Styles Did (In Wrestling)

AJ Styles is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers ever in any promotion, and he is among the best in-ring performers of the current generation. The Phenomenal One has had a career of 23 years, having made his wrestling debut in 1998.

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The 43-year old former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Champion has wrestled for many promotions throughout his career, with the majority of it being in TNA. He has been a WWE Superstar for five years, but he has also wrestled in ROH and NJPW.In his celebrated wrestling career, Styles created numerous great memories, but he has also done things that he should have avoided.

11Won The First WWE Championship With A Low Blow

Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles won the WWE Championship for the first time at Backlash 2016. He faced and defeated Dean Ambrose in the main event of the pay-per-view. However, his first-ever WWE Title win was highly controversial.

At the end of the match, Ambrose was ready to connect The Dirty Deeds, but Styles fought back by pushing him towards the referee. As the referee was blindsided, Styles took advantage of the situation and gave a Low Blow to Ambrose to win the belt.

10Tried To Hit An Injured Randy Orton (RAW December 30, 2019)

AJ Styles and Randy Orton on Raw

Randy Orton and AJ Styles had an interesting segment on the final Raw of 2019. Orton came to the ring while walking with crutches, and he cut a promo saying that he might never wrestle again due to the injury.

But Styles came out and took shots at Orton. He crossed the line after kicking one of the churches of Orton. However, The Viper tricked him and the fans by faking the injury. Right after the incident, Orton connected a vicious RKO.

9Walked Out Of A Tag Team Match With Seth Rollins (RAW, May 6, 2019)

AJ Styles on Raw

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles were two dream opponents. And Styles started showing his evil side when WWE was building up their feud for the Universal Championship match. Even though their match didn’t reach the expectations, the build-up of the rivalry was amazing.

On an episode of Raw, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles teamed up to face Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin in a tag team match. During the match, Styles turned on Rollins, leaving the latter all alone in the ring. Following the betrayal, Corbin pinned the Universal Champion.

8Hit Kurt Angle With The Belt To Retain The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle, TNA

AJ Styles, who was the TNA World Heavyweight Champion at the beginning of 2010, faced Kurt Angle in the main event of Genesis. Considering that both men were two outstanding professional wrestlers of that time, they certainly tore the house down after a battle of nearly half an hour.

Although Styles tapped out to an Ankle Lock, the referee didn’t see it as he was pulled out of the ring by Ric Flair. Styles then hit Angle with the TNA World Heavyweight Title, which ensured his victory.

7Took Seth Rollins’ Title & Ambushed Him (RAW, April 29, 2019)

AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, contract signing

When AJ Styles and Seth Rollins were having the Universal Championship feud, neither man was a heel. Rollins was the biggest babyface of the red brand at that time, while Styles was showing signs of a heel turn, especially during their contract signing.

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After a heated exchange of words, Styles first snatched the title from Rollins and then ambushed the champion. However, Rollins was quick to retaliate.

6Blindsided Booker T Infront Of Sharmell Multiple Times

Booker T & Sharmell backstage in TNA

Booker T was the TNA Legends Champion in early 2009, but AJ Styles set his focus on the title, starting a feud. Styles showed the brutal side of his character by attacking the champion multiple times.

First, he attacked Booker T and ran away with the title at Against All Odds. Subsequently, he also blindsided Booker T a couple of times in the backstage area in the presence of Sharmell.

5Attacked Vince McMahon (SmackDown, December 25, 2018)

Vince McMahon & AJ Styles on SmackDown

It’s not unusual for Vince McMahon to get involved physically with wrestlers to put them over. From Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, to Roman Reigns, there have been many such instances.

But the unusual physical interaction for Vince McMahon was on an edition of SmackDown. Confronting AJ Styles, Vince tried to hype him and even slapped him. In reply, Styles viciously attacked Vince, who was in his early 70s, and security had to stop him.

4The Violent Attack On Shane McMahon (SmackDown, March 14, 2017)

AJ Styles attacks Shane McMahon

AJ Styles and Shane McMahon had a rivalry in 2017, leading to a match at WrestleMania 33, where The Phenomenal One won. It all began due to Styles’ frustration of not reclaiming the WWE Championship despite getting title shots.

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On an episode of SmackDown, AJ Styles launched a violent attack in the parking lot, as Shane was coming out of his car. It was certainly one of the worst things Styles ever did in his WWE career.

3Mentioned The Undertaker’s Real Name On Live TV

AJ Styles and The Undertaker

The Undertaker was one of the most protected characters in WWE history, and in the three-decades-long illustrious careers, he never broke kayfabe. His dedication to keeping the kayfabe alive made him special. It was always bone-chilling to see The Deadman making his entrance.

But AJ Styles did the unthinkable when he feuded with The Undertaker. He took a dig at The Undertaker for using social media and posting selfies, mentioning him as ‘Mark Calaway’ instead of The Undertaker.

2Snapped At Ricochet After Losing The United States Championship Match Against Ricochet (RAW, July 1, 2019)

The Club beats up Ricochet

AJ Styles faced Ricochet in a United States Championship match on an episode of Raw. Styles squandered the title opportunity, as Ricochet won the match with a roll-up pin.

After the loss, Styles appeared to show respect, but he quickly snapped on the US Champion and attacked him. While Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson gave Ricochet a Magic Killer, Styles delivered a Styles Clash from the top rope.

1Claire Lynch Storyline In TNA

Claire Lynch AJ Styles TNA

AJ Styles’s bizarre storyline with a lady named Clair Lynch was not only the worst thing he did in TNA but also in his entire wrestling career. From booking, promos, to the direction of the storyline, everything was disastrous.

Claire Lynch accused Styles of cheating on his real-life wife and announced to be pregnant with his child. She even showed pictures of her and Styles to prove her claim. The entire angle got negative reactions from the fans.

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