AEW Dynamite Winners And Losers: The Pinnacle Stands Tall As Double Or Nothing Approaches

A near-capacity crowd at Daily’s Place was treated to an action-packed go-home edition of Friday Night Dynamite. With Double Or Nothing just a few days away, it was important that AEW utilized these two hours well. And that’s exactly what they did. All but a couple of segments landed, and every Double Or Nothing match felt at least slightly more important by the time the show went off the air than it did when the episode began.

Here are your winners and losers for Dynamite, May 28, 2021:

Winner: Darby Allin

Another feisty performance from Darby Allin who made short work of former NXT star Cezar Bononi in the opening match. Darby mid-section was heavily bandaged as he was selling the injuries he sustained when Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky threw him down the stairs a few weeks ago. After the match, Allin called out Sky and Page, who appeared on the ramp. Taking advantage of the distraction, Bononi and his crew jumped Allin and Sting. Sky and Page joined in the assault, but Dark Order came out to make the save. The segment didn’t really do too much to increase the excitement for Sunday’s Sting/Darby vs. Sky/Page match, but it was helped show that Darby is formidable, even if he’s injured.

Later in the night, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky defeated Stu Grayson and Evil Uno in tag team action. After the bell they started to cut a promo but were interrupted by Darby Allin and an army of Stings (jobbers in Sting masks). One of the people in Sting masks was Sting himself, who cleared the ring of Page and Sky. Sting showed that he’s ready for his first match since temporarily retiring six years ago.

Loser: The Cody Rhodes Vs. Anthony Ogogo Weigh In

This segment showed a lot of promise. Former WWE star Paul Wight (aka, The Big Show) officiated the weigh in, but he’s never been the most entertaining guy on the mic. Anthony Ogogo came out first, accompanied by his Factory stable-mates. Nick Comoroto brandished a Union Flag, and Aaron Solow wore a a jacket and pants covered in a Union Flag pattern.

boxer anthony ogogo during the weigh in on AEW Friday Night Dynamite

Losers: Jon Moxley And Eddie Kingston

TNT cut off Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston and aired a Wipeout commercial featuring John Cena. When the commercial break ended, Mox and Eddie resumed their promo, but it was nowhere near as good as their recent efforts. Moxley’s verbiage felt a tad clunky, and it was obvious he was improvising but not in a fun way. Kingston’s part was slightly better. The Bucks/Mox and Kingston feud is hot enough, it didn’t need an awkward promo. Especially one that’s going to get interrupted by commercials. Also the shooting location made it look like they were about to climb over a fence to sneak into a music festival.

jon moxley and eddie kingston cut a promo on aew friday night dynamite

Winner: Joey Janela Vs. Adam Page

Janela and Page didn’t need to go this hard, but for some reason, they did. And it ruled. It’s a shame that a large portion of the match went down during a commercial break, because these guys beat the absolute s**t out of each other. At some point Page took a stray blow to the head, which opened him up big time. He was bleeding profusely but still managed to get the win. Team Taz confronted Page after the bell, but he outwitted Brian Cage (his Double Or Nothing opponent) by telling him that he can’t get the job done without Team Taz’s support. Cage agreed to take Page on without any assistance from the rest of Team Taz at Double Or Nothing. A good match followed by a segment that raised the stakes of the Cage/Page feud, which hasn’t been given a great deal of screen time.

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Winner: Orange Cassidy

The presence of a capacity crowed proved that Orange Cassidy is one of the biggest babyfaces in the business today. The Pixies entrance theme helps, but his character and ring work is really resonating with audiences. To hype up their triple-threat AEW World Heavyweight Championship match at Double Or Nothing, Cassidy, Pac, and AEW Champion Kenny Omega were involved in a fun segment that didn’t outstay its welcome. By the end, Cassidy was standing tall. Of course, there’s no chance that anyone other Kenny Omega is leaving the stadium with the title on Sunday night, but this segment at least made it seem like AEW cares enough about OC to try to make people think he might win.

Orange Cassidy with the AEW Woirld Heavyweight Championship on Friday Night Dynamite

Winner: Dante Martin

Ahead of his match with Lance Archer on Sunday, Miro defended the TNT Championship against impressive up-and-comer Dante Martin. Martin got a surprising amount of offence in during this engaging match that probably would’ve been a squash match in any other promotion. Miro won emphatically, and was confronted by Jake Roberts and Lance Archer after the bell. Seems like this feud came out of nowhere because the plan was for Archer and Miro to meet at Double Or Nothing but creative wanted Miro to win the TNT Championship before they started the build. Miro and Archer came to blows but were separated by referees. It’s unlikely that Archer will win on Sunday, but it would poetic for him to win the title he on the same event at which he failed to capture it last year when he lost to Cody Rhodes in the TNT Championship tournament final. Also, as nice as it is to see the legend that is Jake Roberts every week, Archer had probably outgrown the need for a mouthpiece at this point.

Winner: The New AEW Women’s Championship Belt Design

To commemorate Hikaru Shida’s year-long reign as AEW Women’s Champion, AEW introduced a brand new title belt that is a huge improvement on the previous design. It’s still a little too dainty, but it looks cool. While Shida was being presented with the new strap, her Double Or Nothing opponent Britt Baker emerged and claimed that after Sunday, she’ll become the face of a new era. It seems inevitable that Baker will win the title on Sunday, which is good because as great as Shida is, her reign as champion has grown stale.

AEWWomen's Champion Hikaru Shida is presented with the newly designed title belt on friday night dynamite

Winner: The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle captured Dean Malenko to lure The Inner Circle into a trap. It worked. As the show went off the air, The Pinnacle was standing tall while the members of The Inner Circle lay in pieces on the ground of the same stadium in which the two teams will do battle at Double or Nothing.

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