Every Stretcher Match In WWE History, Ranked

WWE has come up with some downright ridiculous gimmick matches over the years. At the same time, they have also created some innovative gimmicks, including the Stretcher Match, which debuted in the mid-2000s and returned a few times before disappearing a decade later.

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While there have been other matches with similar stipulations, none are exactly like the Stretcher Match. Despite its sporadic use, many believe the unique schtick was a breath of fresh air and should be brought back to the company. Despite its short existence, the gimmick produced some memorable matches over the years, including some that had high stakes.

7Kane Vs. Edge, Raw (2005)

Edge pulling Kane on stretcher

Kane and Edge went head-to-head in a Stretcher Match, which at that point had only been used one other time in WWE history, on Raw on July 25, 2005. The two men were feuding at this time as Edge was in an on-screen (and real-life) relationship with Kane’s previous partner Lita, who turned on him to link up with The Rated-R Superstar.

While the match was nothing to write home about, it still featured some memorable moments between the two WWE legends. One such instance occurred when Edge, who came out victorious in the bout, almost took Kane’s head off with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Furthermore, the clash was also relevant as it resulted in the culmination of their feud, as both men went their separate ways following the match.

6Kane Vs. John Cena, Raw (2014)

John Cena pushing Kane on stretcher

While Kane may be most often associated with the Inferno Match gimmick, he is also the only wrestler who has taken part in more than one Stretcher Match. Kane’s second attempt to come out victorious in the gimmick match occurred on Raw on June 17, 2014, where he went head-to-head against John Cena to qualify for World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

While the bout was not as compelling as some of the Stretcher matches in history, it still made for an exciting non-pay-per-view contest. The bright spot of the clash was its ending, which saw Randy Orton and Seth Rollins run out to attack Cena before Dean Ambrose came to his aid. Cena came out victorious in the match and won the World Heavyweight Championship later that month.

5Rey Mysterio Vs. Finlay, Survivor Series (2007)

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay

The Stretcher Match between Rey Mysterio and Finlay served as the opener for the 2007 Cyber Sunday pay-per-view. Like other matches at the event, fans got to vote on the stipulation, and they certainly made the right choice in this case, as the gimmick produced an exciting match that set the tone for the rest of the night.

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The two men, who had fantastic in-ring chemistry, were in the midst of a heated feud at this time. Mysterio came out on top of the contest after a grueling back-and-forth matchup. They used the stretcher as a prop and weapon multiple times throughout the match, which added to the excitement of the stipulation.

4Rob Van Dam Vs. Randy Orton, One Night Stand (2007)

Randy Orton vs RVD

Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton wrestled in a high-flying Stretcher Match at the 2007 One Night Stand pay-per-view, which was won by Van Dam after a last-second roundhouse kick knocked The Viper out long enough to be wheeled over the line. The match was the last of Van Dam’s first run with the company, as he took a break from wrestling shortly after the bout.

While Van Dam may have won the match, that was not the end of their battle, as Orton, who was enraged by the outcome, viscously attacked him after the contest. The clash was a fitting final contest for the former face of ECW, as it featured a few extreme moments, including a spot where RVD looked as though he got knocked out after failing to connect on a diving attack outside the ring.

3Brock Lesnar Vs. Big Show, Judgment Day (2003)

Stretcher Match: Big Show vs Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar and Big Show faced off in the first Stretcher Match in WWE history at the 2003 Judgment Day pay-per-view. Their clash, which was for the World Heavyweight Championship, resulted in the only instance of the gimmick match serving as the main event for a pay-per-view. Lesnar came out victorious in the contest after reportedly going rogue when he used a forklift to wheel The Worlds Largest Athlete over the finish line.

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The two giants had incredible in-ring chemistry, which was on display more than ever in this bout. The matchup kept fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish, and it is considered one of the best matches in Big Show’s standout wrestling career.

2Shawn Michaels Vs. Batista, One Night Stand (2008)

Shawn Michaels vs Batista

Batista and Shawn Michaels were involved in a heated feud in 2008 after The Heartbreak Kid retired Ric Flair, The Animal’s mentor, at WrestleMania 24. Their rivalry culminated in a Stretcher Match at the 2008 Backlash pay-per-view, which Batista won after a grueling affair. The contest was one of the best of Batista’s career, as he not only avenged the loss of Ric Flair but also put on a show while doing it.

Considering they were two of the best competitors in the company at the time, the match was always going to be great. Nevertheless, the bad blood between the two men intensified the rivalry and made it exponentially better.

1Matt Hardy Vs. Jeff Hardy, SmackDown (2009)

Matt vs Jeff Hardy stretcher match

Jeff and Matt Hardy were engaged in a deeply personal feud when they went head-to-head in a Stretcher Match on SmackDown on April 10, 2009. The two men were fresh off of an exciting Extreme Rules match at WrestleMania 25, but their Stretcher Match arguably outshined their clash on The Grandest Stage. Matt, who was looking to get out of his brother’s shadow, came out victorious in both contests, much to the dismay of the fans.

Regardless of whether they were going against one another or in each other’s corner, The Hardy Brothers had tremendous chemistry whenever they found themselves in the same ring. Their performance in the Stretcher Match was a prime example of their outstanding in-ring chemistry.

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