WWE SmackDown: 5 Biggest news stories- Dream match comes true, Jey Uso’s conflict to cause major consequences? (May 28, 2021)

WWE SmackDown delivered another engaging episode this week. Tag team action kicked off and concluded the show, as Roman Reigns only appeared in backstage segments for a change of pace.

Not all segments were perfect this week, but SmackDown’s solid foundation ensured that the two hours passed quickly. Additionally, pro wrestling fans had a great viewing experience on Friday as AEW Dynamite immediately followed the Blue brand’s latest show.

On that note, which show did you think was better this week, SmackDown or AEW Dynamite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here are the five biggest news stories from WWE SmackDown (May 28, 2021).

#5 The Usos returned to tag team action in a dream match during WWE SmackDown

For the first time ever, The Usos fought The Street Profits in a tag team match. Before their bout took place, Roman Reigns wished his cousins good luck, saying he was happy for them.

However, Reigns didn’t want Jey Uso to deviate from their game plan, which created a conflict for the latter throughout the night.

As for the match itself, Jey and Jimmy Uso had an exhilarating battle against The Street Profits’ Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Jimmy looked as if he hadn’t missed a step inside the squared circle, and the twin brothers eventually managed to pick up a significant win

Despite The Usos’ successful return to tag team action, Jey Uso’s troubles were far from over. As a result of their latest efforts, Jimmy Uso asked Adam Pearce for a shot at the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship next week. His wish was granted, but Jey didn’t seem too enthused over this development.

After all, Jey Uso is being played against his brother thanks to Roman Reigns. It’s no secret that The Tribal Chief doesn’t approve of Jimmy’s tag team pursuits, as it distracts Jey from being his right-hand man.

Judging by the current state of affairs, the Anoa’i family drama could lead to drastic consequences in the long run.

#4 Dominik Mysterio fought against the odds in WWE SmackDown’s main event

The main event of this week’s WWE SmackDown featured a SmackDown Tag Team Championship rematch between The Mysterios (Rey and Dominik Mysterio) and The Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode).

Instead of a straightforward contest, WWE rehashed a WrestleMania Backlash plot with some minor changes. Many still remember how The Dirty Dawgs ambushed Dominik at WrestleMania Backlash, which forced Rey Mysterio to fight them alone for the most part.

In the latest edition of SmackDown, Ziggler and Roode carried out another ambush, but this time, they attacked the legendary luchador instead of his son.

Also, the former champions pretended that they weren’t responsible for this development, looking to earn a forfeit victory as a result. However, Dominik chose to fight them alone, and a last-minute distraction from his father allowed The Mysterios to retain their titles.

It may not have been the best idea to book a slightly repetitive sequence of events in the main event, but the aftermath proved to be an excellent tease for the future.

Following The Mysterios’ WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship retention, The Usos entered the scene and stood against the father-son duo. Roman Reigns watched this play out from the backstage area, as the episode concluded shortly after.

The Usos vs. The Mysterios is a major showdown indeed, but it remains to be seen if Roman Reigns’ influence could have a detrimental effect on his cousins’ winning chances next week.

#3 Seth Rollins addressed the WWE Universe regarding his brutal beatdown on Cesaro

Seth Rollins cut a promo during this week’s WWE SmackDown, mocking his recent attacks on Cesaro. An “exclusive” audio clip from the latter’s hospital room was played for laughs during the segment, as Rollins admitted that he blacked out while assaulting Cesaro last week.

Seth Rollins then proceeded to blame the WWE Universe for enabling Cesaro to step up against him, which indirectly cost The Swiss Superman in the form of a brutal ambush. Additionally, Rollins freed himself from taking the blame if Cesaro were to never step foot in the ring again.

Seth Rollins’ latest promo didn’t lead to any major developments, mainly to sell the impact of his beatdown on Cesaro. The latter will likely return soon to continue his feud against The Messiah.

A rematch between the two seems to be an immediate possibility unless their feud spills into the Universal Championship picture. In the latter case, a triple threat contest between Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Cesaro could take place at Hell in a Cell.

#2 Kevin Owens became the top contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

During this week’s WWE SmackDown, Kevin Owens fought Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews in a non-title match.

Owens has recently been associated with the Intercontinental title picture along with Big E and Sami Zayn. But thanks to his latest singles match against Crews, The Prizefighter is now next in line for a shot at the prestigious title.

Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews’ non-title bout saw interference from Commander Azeez, who hit the Nigerian Nail on KO. As a result, the match ended in disqualification.

Owens sold the after-effects of the Nigerian Nail maneuver perfectly and eventually managed to ask Adam Pearce for a title match against Crews next week.

Not only did Pearce make the WWE Intercontinental Championship bout official, but he also banned Azeez from ringside. While this may create a fair and square narrative for Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews’ upcoming fight, let’s not forget that Sami Zayn still has enough motive to interfere in this scenario next week.

Apart from the obvious shenanigans that could occur during Owens vs. Crews, both of them have the ability to deliver a solid match against each other.

#1 Bayley’s entertaining commentary stint overshadowed Bianca Belair’s WWE SmackDown match

Bianca Belair and Carmella faced each other in a singles match during this week’s WWE SmackDown. While Belair subsequently picked up a victory, it was Bayley’s stint on commentary during the match that created a lot of buzz.

Bayley joined Pat McAfee and Michael Cole on commentary this week, and the former SmackDown Women’s Champion earned the internet’s praise by repeatedly taking shots at Cole.

One instance that stood out featured Michael Cole accidentally pronouncing Bianca as “Belanca,” which prompted Bayley to call him a stupid idiot.

It’s no secret that Bayley and Cole have entertaining onscreen chemistry, and this week’s SmackDown was an excellent example of the same.

Meanwhile, Bianca Belair and Bayley’s feud isn’t over yet. While the latter probably won’t become the new champion anytime soon, The Role Model’s engaging shenanigans make her an interesting rival for Belair.

Bayley can effortlessly pull off her current role until someone else proves to be a significant threat to the current SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Be sure to catch the latest edition of ‘Smack Talk’ in the video linked above, where Rick Ucchino and Sid Pullar III recap this week’s WWE SmackDown.

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