Best and Worst of SmackDown: Roman Reigns to cause a big break-up, WWE repeats storyline after just 2 weeks?

SmackDown was entertaining this week although it was a slight downgrade from last week. But the good news is the quality on the road to Hell in a Cell 2021 hasn’t been compromised.

In a two-hour window, WWE made sure not to overexpose any superstars, and there was the right amount of storyline progression, with multiple title challengers emerging.

That’s exactly what’s needed on a weekly show, and we’ll jump right into the best and worst aspects of SmackDown this week:

#3. Best: The Usos storyline with Roman Reigns on SmackDown

The Usos are back
The Usos are back

The Usos were back on SmackDown after over a year apart and faced The Street Profits. There was a lot of hesitation surrounding the match, particularly between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns didn’t seem to approve of the tag team reuniting, perhaps because Jimmy Uso still hasn’t fallen in line with the Universal Champion. Either way, Jey Uso let Roman Reigns know before the match that no matter what happens, he’s still with him.

The Usos looked like they didn’t skip a beat and they defeated the former Tag Team Champions in a hard-fought battle.

Soon after the match, Jimmy Uso went to Adam Pearce to ask for a title shot against the winner of the main event between The Mysterios and the Dirty Dawgs.

Adam Pearce accepted, but Roman Reigns seemed less than thrilled. He wanted undivided allegiance from Jey Uso and tried to manipulate him into not wanting a full-fledged reunion with his brother.

It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Next week, there will be a SmackDown Tag Team Title match between The Usos and The Mysterios. This storyline has been entertaining to watch in the build to Hell in a Cell 2021.

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