Where WWE Is Taking Kevin Owens, Apollo Crews, Aleister Black, and Big E [Theory]

One week after Aleister Black made his live television return to WWE, he wasn’t used on the SmackDown brand. A feud that looked like it was about to kick off with Big E, creative chose not to put either performer on Friday’s show.

Meanwhile, a new feud seems to be kicking off between Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens, without the Crews and Big E battle really getting the proper closure. So, what is the plan for these four WWE Superstars?

According to PWInsider, both Aleister Black and Big E were deliberately held off the latest episode of WWE SmackDown by officials. The reason seems to be that WWE is in no rush to hurry through this rivalry and that they wanted to let the buzz of Black’s return simmer for a week. His attack on Big E during the Fatal-4-Way bout for the Intercontinental Title is just the tip of the iceberg for where this feud could lead.

As for Crews and Owens, what we saw on Friday is also the start of a feud that is supposed to last a little while. Taking a page out of the Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage playbook from the 80’s, Owens is going to be hot about Crew’s bodyguard trying to damage his throat. Owens sold it like a champ and he could allude to the damage that could have been done.

Owens is set to do battle with Crews next week for the IC strap but WWE is going to build a program around Crews, Owens and Commander Azeez, who will be banned from ringside.


What About Big E’s Push?

That Big E is being moved around in feuds has some concerned about what it means for his big push in WWE. There was talk after his split with New Day that WWE was slowly ushering him towards a main title run, but that they’ve now placed him with Black doesn’t bode well for the odds that he comes out on top in this program.

That he’s potentially being used to help Black get over suggests WWE may have given his push towards the Universal Championship second thoughts. One would assume he’s still got a huge future in WWE and will one day hold the company’s biggest prize. It just may not be anytime soon.

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