Update On Sheamus Following The Bloody Injury He Suffered On Raw

Sheamus has reportedly suffered a broken nose after taking a stiff shot from Humberto Carillo on Raw.

Seeing blood on WWE programming has sporadically been commonplace over the years. Whether Superstars are allowed to make themselves bleed on purpose depends on a lot of things. Most notably, whether Vince McMahon is okay with it or not. Today more than ever, intentionally making yourself bleed on WWE TV is a big no-no. Between the wants of the network paying billions of dollars and trying to appeal to a younger demographic, that decision makes sense.

A Broken Nose For Sheamus

Staged or not, pro wrestling is still a physical sport. Accidents happen and from time to time, WWE Superstars are busted open unintentionally. That happened on Raw this week when Sheamus ended a match with blood flowing down his face. The US Champion also wound up losing that match to Humberto Carrillo.

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The Celtic Warrior was on the wrong end for a slightly stiffer than intended forearm from Carrillo. Sheamus’s nose bloodied very quickly after that, and according to PWInsider, the champ’s nose was indeed broken. That was really a given after seeing the incident in real-time, and then after taking a look at the photo Sheamus shared online after the show.

Humberto Carrillo’s Receipt

It’s pretty plain to see that all is not well with Sheamus’s nose. It’s out of place and the veteran has also neglected to clean up all the blood, just to add to the photo. This isn’t the first time in recent weeks someone has left a Sheamus versus Carrillo match injured. Carrillo took a nasty bump to the floor a few weeks ago that resulted in the match needing to be stopped early.

Thankfully, as was the case with Carrillo, Sheamus likely won’t have to miss much time off with his injury, if any. His broken nose isn’t on the same level as the iconic time Becky Lynch had her face smashed in by Nia Jax and The Celtic Warrior could be back as early as next week, the week after that at the very latest. Good news as the matches he has been having with Carrillo are pretty great, albeit a little hard-hitting.

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