Jericho Says AEW Brought In Special Help For Stadium Stampede Fight Sequences

AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view is receiving wide praise after a successful card that featured a number of strong matches and a cinematic main event that included pre-taped footage and live event integration that was practically seamless.

The Stadium Stampede match featuring The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle headlined the show and one of the key players in that match, Chris Jericho, has talked a bit about how that bout was put together and what all went into production.

Fightful Select (subscription required) reports most of the filming took place on Thursday with some additional footage being recorded Friday and that the editing was extensive but done fairly quickly considering all the content that was captured. From there, the talent had to work the remainder of what happened on Sunday night in front of the crowd in with the footage and AEW was quite happy with the final result.

Chris Jericho AEW
Chris Jericho AEW

Jericho himself said he was quite pleased and listening to the fans reactions as the show was going on tells him they did a good job and the work was worth it.

AEW Recruited Some Special Talent

Jericho also mentioned during his media scrum (audio not strong) after the pay-per-view, that AEW brought in one of the stunt coordinators who worked on the John Wick movies to help them with some of the fight scenes to make them a little bit more like an action movie. Saying they think like wrestlers and he thought like a cinematic expert, it was a nice combination of minds meeting to put on something cool.

The challenge is always trying to do something different when you do these matches and because this version of the match had a much more serious storyline behind it, he felt it needed more of a violent film-like feel.

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