Randy Orton’s Run Of Sending WWE Superstars To AEW Continues

Mark Henry is the fourth wrestler to have unexpectedly shown up in AEW after being written off WWE TV by Randy Orton.

AEW added to its team at Double or Nothing in a couple of ways. Lio Rush debuted during the Casino Battle Royale. Although not confirmed, Tony Khan’s comments after the show made it sound as if Rush will be sticking around. Later on in the night, Tony Schiavone announced Mark Henry is now All Elite. Henry appeared briefly as Schiavone revealed what his roles with the company will be.

Mark Henry Is All Elite

Henry will act as an analyst on AEW’s new show, Rampage. Rampage doesn’t begin until August 13, 2021, at which point the hour-long show will air every Friday. Henry will also be a coach, but there was no mention of whether he will compete in the ring at all. His role sounds very similar to the one Paul Wight currently fills.

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Speaking of which, Henry, Wight, and two other older signings AEW has made have something in common. In fact, they have two things in common. Henry, Wight, Matt Hardy, and Christian Cage are all former WWE Superstars, and all of them were effectively sent packing from their former employers by Randy Orton. Don’t believe us? Check out the tweet below.

The Legend Relocator

Granted, Orton wasn’t demeaning or beating these men down during their very final WWE moments in every instance. However, he had a role to play in the final moment or two of each of their WWE careers, at least up to this point. He injured Hardy, in storyline, punted Christian, beat up Wight in a dark room, and basically threw a hurt and vulnerable Henry out of the building in what was the Hall of Famer’s final appearance on WWE TV.

This is all just one big coincidence, of course, but it’s a fun one to highlight. It would also be fun if Orton were to play on it. To reintroduce his Legend Killer act but make a point of how he is sending washed-up Superstars to the lesser competition. Those would be his words, of course, not ours.

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