Jimmy Smith Talks How Helpful Vince McMahon Was During Raw Commentary Debut

While previous Raw commentators have suggested that one the hardest parts about announcing three hours of the show is that Vince McMahon is constantly in your ear, Raw’s newest announcer, Jimmy Smith says it was no big deal.

Smith was a guest on Busted Open Radio, and talked about the rumors of Vince being difficult to have constantly talking while you try to announce a show. For Smith, it was nothing new. Saying he had Bjorn Rebney yelling him while he was calling fights for Bellator, so he’s used to it.

He added, “When Vince hopped on, it was about things that were specific to WWE that I need to learn that I found helpful.” Vince would help him work through the company-specific lingo like ‘our fans’ instead of ‘WWE fans’. He also noted that if he’d said something that was not how Vince wanted it presented, The Chairman told him and Smith would get it and move on.

Interestingly, Smith also noted that he had SmackDown announcer Michael Cole in his ear because he was producing and that Kevin Dunn would occasionally come on and say something. Smith noted, “Vince, not that much, and Kevin and Cole were good at not stepping on each other. The on-air traffic was great and Kevin gave me plenty of time.” He noted that he had to get used to shorter countdowns, but chalked that up to it being the “nature of the way wrestling works.”

Smith Did A Good Job

There were a lot of people happy with Smith’s performance and even though the praise wasn’t universally adored online, Smith said that Triple H specifically told him that the five-or-so people who’s opinions really matter thought he did great.

“Triple H texted me this morning and said, ‘Great job.’ That’s what matters. Keeping your gig depends on four or five key people. If they are all happy this morning, that’s what matters,” he said.

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