The Most Protected Finisher In WWE Is… Baron Corbin’s?

Finishing moves are a funny thing in wrestling. Even their existence is hotly debated on a regular basis. Some fans believe they have no place in wrestling at all despite their rich history. That having a move which can finish any opponent at any time further takes away from the fabricated realism professional wrestling is trying to create. A more common complaint is that finishers have been watered down. That moves which would once signal the end of a match, no matter what, are now nothing more than transitional.

The DDT, for example. When Jake Roberts used the move, that was it, game over. Now it’s hard to think of a wrestler who doesn’t use some form of DDT. It’s even harder to think of a time the move finished a match. It’s not just finishers that have become regular moves either. Pretty much every big match will feature a finisher or two failing to end a match. Unless that match features a certain someone named Baron Corbin.

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Stunners And Superkicks

The DDT isn’t the only offender, of course. In fact, it isn’t even the number one suspect. The superkick might well be the most overused move that was once a finisher. The Young Bucks pride themselves on how much they use it, and might well do them as often as they do to annoy certain groups of fans. There was once a time when Shawn Michaels connected with Sweet Chin Music, it was an incredibly special moment. Now when a superkick hits it’s usually part of segment that features at least ten of them.

ric flair and shawn michaels
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The art of protecting your finisher isn’t lost on everyone. Kevin Owens has recently thrust the stunner back into the spotlight. However, he felt the need to ask Stone Cold for permission to do so first. Austin gave KO his blessing, providing he didn’t overuse and water down the iconic move. Owens agreed and so far, so good on that front.

End Of Days

KO’s stunner has some way to go before it catches up with what might be the most protected finisher in wrestling today. Corbin’s End of Days. The move looks good, it’s impactful, and since Corbin is pretty big himself, he can perform it on pretty much anyone should they generate enough momentum. Most important of all though is that when he hits it, you know the match is over.

That’s because as far as we can tell, no one has ever kicked out of Corbin’s End of Days. This fact first reared its head in 2019 when fans started to question whether anyone had kicked out of the devastating move. The Lone Wolf himself even discussed it and spoke of how important it was to him that his finishing move was being so protected. Two years later, we’re fairly sure that record remains intact.

Why Baron Corbin?

Unless it’s something huge, WWE is no longer known for its long-term booking. Reports suggest Vince McMahon regularly shows up to Raw on a Monday, tears up the script, and rewrites it from scratch. Most of what fans see is booked hours ahead of time rather than days, let alone years. Which is why a wrestler who debuted on the main roster five years ago having a move that is yet to have been kicked out of is wild. Let alone, and no offense meant to Corbin at all, the End of Days.

corbin end of days
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We’re sure Corbin has high aspirations, as he should, but right now, he isn’t a top guy. If no one had kicked out of Roman Reigns’ spear, or Drew McIntyre’s claymore, that would make more sense. But Corbin’s End of Days? This is more than an oversight. It’s not necessarily a part of a grander plan, but the end game here has to be a very big push for Corbin. That’s what we’re hoping anyway.

That could be one of two things. Either the effectiveness of the End of Days is never mentioned on TV, but Corbin makes the step up from the upper mid-card and becomes a legitimate top guy. Or, the fact that no one has kicked out of the End of Days is acknowledged and the race to be the first to do so becomes a big deal. Build a match around it. Or, even better, build an entire rivalry around it. A Superstar who becomes obsessed with beating Corbin, but time and time again fails to avoid his finisher.

Whether the finisher remains the route to a nailed-on win or the first person to kick out of it is saved for something worthwhile, we just hope it’s meaningful. WWE clearly thinks highly of Corbin but has either failed to get him to the top level or just doesn’t want him to be there yet. The End of Days could be the key to that final step, and when someone kicks out of it at two, we want to be one of many around the world who jump out of our seats. Please, don’t give that moment to Brock Lesnar or Goldberg before squashing poor Corbin.

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