Backstage reaction to releases, Superstars are speculating about a major WWE sale – Reports

Wrestling fans worldwide were hit by the news of another shocking round of WWE releases recently as six superstars lost their jobs, and it’s quite a high-profile list.

Braun Strowman, Murphy, Lana, Ruby Riott, Santana Garrett, and Aleister Black were released from their contracts. The promotion’s eyebrow-raising decision has also kicked off talks of a potential sale.

In a Fighful Select report, Sean Ross Sapp revealed the general backstage reaction to the recent releases and additional information about speculation regarding WWE being put up for sale.

The report noted that only a select few people in the company knew about the releases on Tuesday afternoon. WWE then made plans to call the talent and inform them about the news on Wednesday morning.

The WWE departures came as a surprise to many people backstage, most of whom inquired about the endgame of the cuts.

There is a lot of speculation amongst talent about the promotion possibly being purchased somewhere down the line. However, Fightful has not heard about such plans from any WWE official.

Will Vince McMahon sell WWE?


A former WWE writer also highlighted all the telling signs that point towards WWE’s sale. The releases could be WWE’s way of maximizing profits before it does business with entities willing to table reasonable offers.

Despite the global economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE has continued to rake in sizeable monetary returns while simultaneously sanctioning widespread budget cuts across the company.

Several departments in WWE have been severely affected due to WWE’s call to cut costs, and the active in-ring talents have also not been spared. The company letting go of established names sends a clear message of something massive being in the works.

Vince McMahon has mentioned in the past that WWE would be open for business if the proposal massively benefits the company. Has the company finally come to that stage? We should have all our answers in the upcoming few weeks. Stay tuned.

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