Aleister Black’s Release Ends One Of The Weirdest Careers In WWE History

As the WWE began to expand their grasp on total global domination, they extended their Performance Center recruiting to Europe. While they were honing their business in NXT UK, the company was also bringing some of the more popular European superstars to the states. Enter Tommy End, aka Aleister Black.

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Now that he’s been released, it’s a sad ending for one of the most stop-and-start and confusing careers in WWE history. Here’s a retrospective look at Aleister Black’s WWE career.

Coming To WWE

Aleister Black As NXT Champion

After spending time in the Indies in both Europe and stateside, the WWE brought in The Dutch Destroyer in 2017. After a few years in NXT, including a brief run as the NXT Champion, Black came to the main roster as part of a tag team with Ricochet. Despite the interesting paradigm between the two, it was also just another sign that WWE and even NXT had no clue what to do with Aleister Black.

A Heyman Guy

Paul Heyman at ECW One Night Stand

It had been years since a genuinely darker persona on their PG-rated show. While Bray Wyatt fit that bill on the heel side of things, Black seemingly could have fit that bill for the babyface locker room. Beginning in NXT, he had the “rise from the coffin” entrance with dim lighting.

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But there was clearly no chance that WWE wanted to tread down those darker tides. Instead, once Paul Heyman got the reins of Raw, he immediately tried to tap into something different and exciting (which is what Heyman does) and paired Black up with Buddy Murphy in order to showcase both of their talents.

Top Guy Feuds

Alesiter Black Chokes AJ With A Kendo Stick

After the series of great matches with Murphy, Black moved onto bigger and higher profile feuds while Murphy became the Disciple of the Monday Night Messiah, which led Black into a brief program with AJ Styles. Shortly after defeating Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 36 (what a difference a year makes!), he began a feud with Rollins for what he did to Rey Mysterio.

After Rollins then took out Black’s eye, The Dutch Destroyer turned heel for no apparent reason and began to assault Kevin Owens. Their feud was also a quick one, which Black lost after repeatedly losing to KO.

A Blue Beginning

Aleister Black And Zelina Vega

The WWE Draft, for better or worse can signal a brand new beginning for a lot of superstars. It’s also usually the best way to quickly end feuds that aren’t catching enough traction. The last draft in October, Black was drafted from Raw to Smackdown.

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But rather than immediately strike while the iron was lukewarm and really start to heat Black up, he was decked with the proverbial “creative has nothing for you,” holding pattern.

Zelina Twitches

Zelina Vega Video Game Cosplay For Twitch

Also drafted to Smackdown in October 2020 was Black’s real-life wife, Zelina Vega. But after she refused to conform to the WWE’s rules about third-party platforms, she was released from the company and almost immediately started tweeting about unionization – a tremendous no-no for the publicly held WWE and most of the wrestling industry.

Plenty of fans and pundits assumed that Aleister’s release was going to happen any day shortly after her’s. There was chatter about Black wanting to go back to NXT and reinvigorate his career ala Finn Balor. Oddly enough, neither of those happened.

The Dark Father

Aleister Black In Tales Of The Dark Father

Even the name “Aleister” immediately elicits a darker vibe for those who were aware of the name Aleister Crowley. After a six-month absence, Black returned to TV with vignettes entitled “Tales Of The Dark Father.” The pieces were very detailed and clearly a lot of time, effort, creative juices, and ultimately money were involved in crafting these stories and really getting behind re-debuting The Dutch Destroyer.

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After several weeks of these chapters, Black returned to the ring to deck Big E and cost him his chance of regaining the Intercontinental title. An explanation was missing from the next week’s edition of Smackdown. A few days later, Black was among a list of shocking names that were released.

Needless to say, Aleister Black was shocked by the release. He immediately tweeted “I’m gathering my thoughts as this was a complete left field for me as obviously we just started the dark father character but this was it, thank you so much WWE universe for allowing me to create and give you small bits of myself.”

Unfortunately the very small bits that fans got see simply weren’t enough to win Vince McMahon over enough. Despite never teaming up on screen before, now would be the perfect time for both the former Aleister Black and Zelina Vega to sell themselves as a package deal to whichever company wants to try and sign them.

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