Aleister Black Says WWE Is Constantly Trying To Change Bray Wyatt’s Character

Aleister Black took to Twitch Wednesday afternoon and talked about his time in WWE and his departure. While there were a ton of interesting tidbits worth noting — and we did so here on a breakdown of his stream — one of the really interesting points of discussion was the topic of being creative in WWE.

While giving kudos to WWE creative staff for being really good people and trying extremely hard to come up with good storylines for WWE fans, Black talked about the creative “shackles” that are part of being in the company. He’s looking forward to seeing what he can do when there’s no handcuffs on his creativity and noted, “if there’s no cuffs and you can do anything.”

In speaking about being creative, he talked about stepping out on a limb in WWE and noted that he really would have liked to work with Bray Wyatt. When asked about who he’d have liked to work a program with but didn’t get a chance to: “Would have loved to work with Bray, says he fights really hard for his stuff because they constantly try to change it.”

bray wyatt

What’s intriguing about the Wyatt comments is that The Fiend and Wyatt is a very polarizing character in WWE. Some fans absolutely love what he’s doing, while others think it’s far too unrealistic to be entertaining. But, Black’s comments suggest it’s really hard to know if what we’re seeing on WWE programming is a WWE angle or a Wyatt one.

We have to assume that Wyatt fighting for his ideas means we’re seeing a lot of them, but Black didn’t elaborate on how much of the character has actually been changed by WWE or how often Wyatt gets what he wants and how often he has to run with WWE’s creative direction. We may never know.

Keep Fighting Bray

If what Black says is accurate — and why would we not believe him based on the rant he went on talking about fake news and subscription-based journalists — we can only hope that Wyatt continues to stick up for his creative artistry.

Wyatt has been public about how some fans are vocal and tend to crap all over his ideas. He talked about how their words do hurt. Wyatt’s work is tremendous and he’s the kind of artist that needs to be given a longer leash to really flex his creative muscles.

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