Recent WWE Releases Have Non-Competes Expiring After AEW All-Out [Report]

The math doesn’t exactly check out, but according to a report by Mike Johnston of, when they ask the question if any of the recent releases by WWE could show up at AEW All-Out on September 5th, the answer is no.

Johnston writes: “We are told that all the non-competes land around 9/6-9/10, so that’s a no.”

The timing of this is interesting because, according to, 30 days from June 2nd, would put those non-competes at August 31st. And, even if you equated 90 days to three months, that would be September 2nd, a date Aleister Black mentioned during his Twitch stream on Wednesday, where he talked about his release from WWE and potential future plans.

There was a lot of chatter after news of the releases came down that AEW might be interested in a few of the names off the list. Among them, Braun Strowman and Black are seen by many as headliners. It could be a big deal if AEW could land them for the pay-per-view.

The good news, is that these stars will likely be available right after the pay-per-view and for AEW Dynamite or their new show Rampage, which will air on Friday, starting on August 13th.

Let’s Hope The Dates Are Wrong

For AEW’s sake, if they are looking at grabbing any of these stars, Tony Khan can only hope that one or two of them would be available by September 5th. It’s great to have these stars on free television, but if AEW wants to continue pulling in strong pay-per-view numbers, the known possibility that one of these former WWE Superstars could pop in is a major draw for the event.

And, if the dates in the report are correct, one has to wonder if WWE knew what they were doing. It would make sense if Vince McMahon, Nick Khan and John Laurinaitis were aware  that letting these names go when they did would keep them off AEW’s All-Out card.

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