The Rock Praises Dark Side Of The Ring Following Grizzly Smith Episode

The Rock got an early look at this week’s Dark Side of the Ring episode and shared his thoughts before it aired on Thursday.

Dark Side of the Ring’s third season is already six episodes deep, and this Thursday’s offering gave a whole new meaning to the show’s name. Grizzly Smith was this week’s subject. For those unfamiliar with Smith, he was a wrestler and the father of Jake Roberts. Both Roberts and his wrestling sister have accused Smith of some very serious things which are covered during the episode, including sexual abuse.

The Rock Gives Props To Dark Side Of The Ring

Dark Side of the Ring has gone from a little-known docuseries to a show that is watched by pretty much everyone in wrestling at this point, covering an array of incredible topics along the way. Season three has even captured the attention of The Rock. The People’s Champ had the chance to watch this week’s episode ahead of time and shared his thoughts on it before it aired.

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“I applaud the Smith family – Jake, Robin, Mike (Sam) – for having the bravery to speak out on the deep pain they experienced as kids,” Rock wrote on Instagram. The wrestler-turned-actor admitted that even though the episode is hard to watch, it is also incredibly important. He thanks Vice for sending him season three ahead of time and signs off with an individual shout-out to Roberts.

Season Three Isn’t Even Halfway Done

Dark Side of the Ring’s creators have responded to The Rock’s comments, thanking him for his support. Season three, in particular, has garnered more attention from some of the bigger names in the business than ever before. Stone Cold played a role in the two-hour season debut covering Brian Pillman. Fitting since the Hall of Famer made up The Hollywood Blonds in WCW alongside Pillman.

There are still a number of incredibly interesting topics left to cover in season three. The infamous Plane Ride From Hell, a trip back from a WWE European tour featuring so many infamous stories, and also WWE’s steroid trial during the early ’90s. Dark Side of the Ring airs on Vice every Thursday, and extensive recaps of each episode can be found here at TheSportster the following morning

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