Ronda Rousey Likely Retired From Professional Wrestling [Report]

Don’t hold your breath if you’re one of those fans hoping to see Rhonda Rousey eventually make a return to the squared circle. WhatCulture Wrestling is citing a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s believed that Ronda Rowsey is “likely retired” from professional wrestling.

It wasn’t expected that Rousey would be back anytime soon. She announced she was pregnant not long ago, and obviously, that was going to mean a wrestling return this year was not in the cards. That said, it hadn’t been ruled out that a return to WWE at some point was out of the question.

Rousey last wrestled at WrestleMania 35. She got a huge push by WWE, including a run with the Raw Women’s Championship, but the moment that pay-per-view was over, she left the industry and word had spread she wanted to start a family. For almost a year, talk continued that she could make a surprise return, but one never materialized.

She took a few shots at the wrestling industry in podcasts and interviews, but it was never really clear if she was working to audience or really had a distaste for the industry. Many assumed the former and figured she was setting up a comeback as a heel.

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But, last month, when Rousey announced she and husband Travis Browne were expecting, that was the end of any Rousey return talk.

Fans Will Be Divided On This Rousey News

While Rousey is an obvious draw for WWE, not every fan is going to hate this news. Many believe the company should be focusing on their current crop of full-time female wrestlers and not trying to build the division around a celebrity/athlete who doesn’t “love” the business.

For those that believe Rousey’s retirement is a big loss for WWE, The Observer report does add that she could make a one-off appearance at a future PPV. It likely won’t be a in wrestling capacity and it certainly won’t be to come back on the road and rejoin the WWE roster for any length of time.


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